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Fans Of The Kingkiller Chronicle Fear The Series Being Ruined By A TV Adaptation

Patrick Rothfuss' best-selling fantasy novel series "The Kingkiller Chronicle" brings readers into the world of Temerant, where magic runs deep. The first book, "The Name of the Wind," begins the saga of Kvothe, a mysterious wizard whose life story makes up the plot of the series. His adventure starts at a young age and is filled with numerous tragedies and hardships as he learns to harness magic, eventually resulting in Kvothe earning the "Kingkiller" moniker.

With the series' immense popularity, it's no surprise that movie studios would want to capitalize on adapting it on screen. Notable fantasy novels like the "Witcher" books and "Game of Thrones" have proven that live-action adaptations can work, and "The Kingkiller Chronicle" could be the next big thing. After a failed attempt by 20th Century Fox to bring the series to the small screen, Rothfuss announced on his blog that he was partnering with Lionsgate to adapt his stories across film, TV, and video games. Lin-Manuel Miranda joined the project as an executive producer, and shortly after, Sam Raimi signed on as the director.

While fans patiently await updates on the "Kingkiller Chronicle" adaptation, many worry that the jump to live action could harm the story. Even Rothfuss himself has pointed out that a show or movie might have to simplify the story (via Newsweek). "The Kingkiller Chronicle" relies heavily on flashbacks as it tells a story filled with emotion, trauma, and magic, and fans think too much would get lost in translation.

Fans fear The Kingkiller Chronicle just won't work on screen

Fans of "The Kingkiller Chronicle" really love what Patrick Rothfuss has done with the fantasy novels, but they aren't very eager to see them adapted for TV. Reddit user u/Glass_Ad_8774 began a thread on the platform saying that while they think the series is a masterpiece, they refuse to watch any live-action adaptation, even if it brings new fans to the novels. User u/WynBytsson agreed, stating, "Some stories are better left to certain forms of media. Could a series capture the beauty of Kvothe's lute play when he is alone in the woods after his parents [sic] death? No. I really, seriously doubt it."

To say that fans are passionate about Rothfuss' work would be an understatement. Many refuse to bend to any form of adaptation, like Reddit user u/pvcpipinhot, who stated in the same thread that no Hollywood studio could do the series justice. User u/KyzaKC put forth a similar opinion, saying there isn't a writer or director alive who could "capture the depth of any scene in the books as written."

Other fans simply have an issue with the medium to which studios want to adapt "The Kingkiller Chronicle," believing animation would be the best route. User u/Middle-Corgi3918 said, "Live action isn't ready for KKC. I think animation is the way to go," naming Studio Ghibli as their top choice. User u/elihu also suggested that animation would open the door for a more accurate adaptation, with actors who may sound the part but not necessarily look it.