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South Park's Matt Stone And Trey Parker Had Their Strangest Celebrity Encounter With Two Comedians

It's might be strange to label the eccentric duo of Trey Parker and Matt Stone as celebrities. But thanks to a wild little cartoon experiment from the late 1990s, they would become just that. Beginning in 1997, "South Park" became a worldwide phenomenon that changed the game of comedy and adult animation. Through its eccentric storytelling, memorable characters, and extremely edgy comedy that has never been afraid to take jabs at just about every group imaginable, "South Park" has remained one of the longest-running and successful animated programs to date. With 25 seasons, over 300 episodes and an Oscar-nominated theatrically released film under their belts, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone's days of making crude online cutout animated shorts (via CNN) must seem like an eon ago.

With "South Park," along with the duo's other notable projects such as "Team America: World Police" and "The Book of Mormon," the college friends joined the ranks of the industry's hottest new creators, who in the process gained several celebrity comrades, many of whom have appeared on their trademark animated series. But amongst all the Hollywood greats that Parker and Stone have gotten to know, it only seems natural that another pair of comedians would be amongst their favorites.

Parker and Stone may have had too much fun with Kenny and Spenny

They say that opposites attract, but in the case of "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, one of their most interesting industry interactions were with a pair of celebrities who weren't all that different from the crude comedians. On a questionnaire interview for Exclaim!, Parker and Stone are asked what their strangest celebrity encounter was, Stone responds, "Maybe Kenny and Spenny last night? We got totally wasted with Kenny and Spenny. We're huge fans of the show." 

The show that the "Cannibal! The Musical" star refers to is "Kenny vs. Spenny," a reality comedy series starring Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice. Released in 2003, the show sees the personalities of the comic duo clash as they go up against one another in a variety of challenges. The loser of the challenge is then subject to some form of humiliation chosen by the winner. 

Trey Parker goes on to describe their love of the show and subsequent encounter, saying, "We watched all the episodes and we were basically in a 'Kenny vs. Spenny' episode last night," to which Stone replies, "It was great actually. It was pretty surreal."