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CSI: Vegas Fans Are Thrilled To See Penny Working With Catherine

The following article contains spoilers for "CSI: Vegas" Season 2, Episode 11 — "Trinket."

"CSI: Vegas" has entered its second season with confidence, in spite of the fact that it's undergone some major cast changes in the intervening months between episodes. While audiences can still expect those gristly and over-the-top crime scenes to be solved by both forensics and on-the-streets derring-do, this season it's "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" veteran Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) who's helping Max Roby (Paula Newsome) run the lab and a pack of newbies through their messy and dangerous paces.

Audiences have a tendency to favor watching the show's vets team up with series newbies, and therefore have really gotten a lot of pleasure out of watching Catherine team up with Penelope "Penny" Gill (Sarah Gilman) during the episode "Trinket." Here's what had audience members really hoping that the show will team Penny and Catherine up on a much more regular basis.

Fans love Catherine and Penny's Friendship

During "Trinket," Penny Gill and Catherine Willows team up to find the missing prematurely-born baby of a kidnapped-and-now-dead woman who was buried alive with her older, nonverbal son and who had been missing for a decade before turning up dead. They, obviously, suspect that she had been held against her will, a presumption proven true by a necropsy. Penny gets the brilliant idea that analyzing honey produced by local bees might lead them back to the body of the baby. She and Catherine apply the theory, and by using it Penny is able to find the right grave.

Twitter-based "CSI: Vegas" devotees couldn't get enough of the sight of Catherine and Penny working together, which hasn't happened a lot since Catherine became part of the cast in Season 2. "I love that Catherine is working with Penny. Plus, she's her mentor," said @Caitlin_schafft, who later expressed love for the scene in another Tweet. A lot of viewers found a bunch of similarities between the two detectives. "Penny and Catherine are one [and] the same," said @cam_magcon11

Penny and Catherine's relationship is just one of many that Twitter fans find precious; they just plain seem to like it when Catherine is happy. With any luck, it's a relationship that will be well-cultivated as Season 2 moves ever-forward.