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There's A Friday The 13th Parody Film You Simply Must Watch

Is it really that surprising that "Friday the 13th" has its very own parody? The horror franchise kicked off in 1980 and has a dozen films, countless novelizations, and even video games under its belt. Beyond its box office receipts, which total nearly half a billion dollars (via The Numbers), the franchise's relevancy is difficult to deny. Jason Voorhees, the franchise's iconic serial slasher, is just as popular today as he was in the '80s. Considered by IGN as one of the best horror movie villains of all time, it's difficult to imagine a Halloween without the creepy, hockey mask-wearing killer.

With such a strong hold over our pop culture, it's easy to see why there's a parody of "Friday the 13th." Horror parodies aren't new — just look at the behemoth "Scary Movie" franchise. However, fans of "Friday the 13th" will be surprised to know that the parody isn't contemporary. Hollywood moved fast, as Jason's spoof was released just a year after he hit the big screen in 1980. While it may not be the parody that fans expect, it's the perfect way to celebrate the day after "Friday the 13th."

Saturday the 14th is a campy horror parody

Released in 1981, viewers might assume that "Saturday the 14th" pokes fun at Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake. But despite the title, "Saturday the 14th" spends its runtime parodying older horror classics like Universal's monster flicks. There's no masked killer to be found as the film focuses on a couple who move into a cursed home, with "Westworld" actor Richard Benjamin and "The Stepford Wives" standout Paula Prentiss as its leads.

Despite a stellar cast, which also includes future "Arrested Development" star Jeffrey Tambor, the comedy-horror flick sports a 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It received a particularly negative review from the Chicago Tribune's Gene Siskel, who lamented that the film was more a riff on "The Amityville Horror" than a direct parody of "Friday the 13th." Despite those less-than-stellar reviews, the film is fondly remembered by those who grew up in the '80s. "This has a special place in my heart along with Transylvania 6-5000. Love me some campy horror parodies..." wrote Reddit user u/GroovinWithAPict. User u/The_Pudding_King echoed that sentiment, saying, "I loved this movie when I was a kid. I thought the monsters coming out [of] the books was awesome."

Contemporary reviews from horror fans continue to be positive. "[The film's] parodies of the Universal Monsters and other old-school genre hallmarks come so quickly and gleefully that I cackled for the entirety of its brief running time," wrote Letterboxd user anna nomaly. Other fans, like user Bob McCully, were disappointed in the movie's lack of humor but couldn't help but point out the inventive creatures and special effects work.

Horror fans can watch "Saturday the 14th" on YouTube or Tubi.