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The Tyler And Garcia Kiss In Criminal Minds: Evolution Certainly Got Fans' Attention

"Criminal Minds," and its new subtitled season "Evolution," has had plenty of time to cultivate long-lasting friendships, as well as romances (both long-lasting or just a flash in the pan). One of the most long-lasting relationships on the show has been between JJ Jareau (A.J. Cook) and Will LaMontange Jr. (Josh Stewart), which has resulted in both marriage and children between the two. Similarly, Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Savannah (Rochelle Aytes) have also gotten married and had children. However, not all relationships work out in "Criminal Minds." Just look at the different flings Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) has experienced — that guy simply can't catch a break!

Joking aside, fan-favorite Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) has also had a few relationships over her "Criminal Minds" tenure. Garcia was linked to fellow computer hacker Kevin Lynch (Nicholas Brendon) in Season 3, former-romantic-interest-turned-new-romantic-interest Sam (Stephen Simon) in Season 8, and even Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) in the final episode of the original run of "Criminal Minds." 

Alvez and Garcia eventually went on a date, and theirs had long been a relationship that fans had called for, even giving the couple one of those mashed-up celebrity-style names of "GarVez," as noted by Criminal Minds Fandom. Surprisingly, Garcia is beginning to start a new relationship with Tyler Green (Ryan-James Hatanaka), which means that fans of "Criminal Minds: Evolution" definitely have some opinions.

Fans have some strong opinions about Garcia and Green

Tyler Green has become one of the more important supporting characters in "Criminal Minds: Evolution" on account of his knowledge involving the serial killer known as Sicarius. Green himself was originally a member of the United States Army, where he aided in the usage of drones. Unfortunately, Green eventually was discharged on account of his apprehension regarding the usage of drones, and he soon became a vigilante hunting Sicarius after the killer murdered Green's sister. In his pursuit of Sicarius, Green began to help Penelope Garcia with information that would aid the Behavioral Analysis Unit, and the two have become increasingly close.

In the most recent episode, Garcia and Green are enjoying a night on the town, and as they are walking and talking, Garcia has an epiphany that will help on a case, which immediately sends her into an energetic frenzy. Green appears to be somewhat confused as Garcia abruptly hails for a taxi, but she reassures him by giving him the keys to her house and kissing him passionately. 

Of course, this tender moment has invoked some strong feelings in fans, who immediately converged on social media to express their thoughts. Over on Twitter, @diorlueuer wrote, "look i love tyler but I NEED GARVEZ ENDGAME." @julietsjareau also felt the same way, tweeting, "ugh i feel like they're gonna make penelope and tyler get together and ig i can see it BUT GARVEZ."

Some wondered what happened to Luke Alvez

Others also shared the above sentiment, with @conniekitty123 writing, "I thought #PenelopeGarcia & Tyler were going to be friends at the most but I want to forget this scene ever existed! I feel bad for #LukeAlvez! I hope #Garvez will still happen though!" @tony_loki_peter wondered if they were once again putting the relationship between Luke Alvez and Penelope on the backburner in favor of a relationship with Tyler, while @_sherrod said, "The way they're enemies-to-lovers-ing Penelope and Tyler is crazy."

This fan shock and leeriness surrounding Garcia is also echoed over on Reddit, with u/Klainipleef asking their fellow internet denizens what their thoughts are on this most recent turn of events involving Garcia. Once again, several "Criminal Minds: Evolution" fans took umbrage with the kissing scene; u/Southern_Tangerine_7 answered, "Not a fan of both ships, watching CM just for the cases and killers. I am curious about one thing though. Isn't the age difference between Tyler and Penelope ... like nearly 20 years??!" u/Gemini987654321 was also confused by Garcia's actions and said that they vastly prefer placing Garcia in a relationship with Alvez, and they wondered what exactly was going through Garcia's mind.

Not all were opposed to the kiss between Garcia and Green

Several others were also a little upset at the shared kiss between Penelope Garcia and Tyler Green, with u/tealitful expressing their opinion by saying, "It icks me out personally. The fact that he went from in prison to in her place so fast is unprofessional and weird. I feel like the music behind their scenes together is kind of sinister, so I'm kind of hoping he turns out to be a baddie in the end anyways." However, some offered slightly less volatile thoughts regarding the kiss, with u/Jonzey_Jo stating that they don't really ship Garcia and Alvez and that they think that Tyler was thrown into the mix because the "Criminal Minds: Evolution" showrunners didn't go anywhere with "Garvez."

Although many of the previously mentioned comments certainly illustrate that many "Criminal Minds: Evolution" fans aren't exactly enthusiastic about this romantic development with Tyler, not all were of the same opinion, with u/Complex-Sock_4768 actually pretty happy with Garcia's kiss. 

One thing is for certain though, and that is many audience members of "Criminal Minds: Evolution" will be watching to see how Garcia's recent fling develops, for better or worse.