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CSI: Vegas Fans' Hearts Are Melting Over Beau's Interaction With Michael

Lex Medlin's Beau Finado was a new addition to "CSI: Vegas," showing up in the first episode of Season 2. He used to be in charge of research and development (R&D) for many Fortune 500 companies, but after the pandemic, he didn't want to go back to working in a lab. So Beau went a completely different route, switching careers and using his skills to become a criminologist and helping to find people. Unfortunately, the case involving an abducted young woman and two children may be enough to push him back to the cold, unemotional space of a lab.

In Season 2, Episode 11 ("Trinket"), the CSI team finds a boy hiding in a garage and soon discovers a much bigger and more disturbing story surrounding how he got there, and the identity of his mother. Beau immediately takes an interest in the boy, Michael (Henry Joseph Samiri), as he reminds him of his own daughter. But as the team unravels the case, it hits too close to home for Beau, and he tells boss Max Robie (Paula Newsome) that he won't be going back into the field. When she protests, he informs her that she can either put him back in the lab, or he's done.

For most of the season, he's been comic relief for the dark moments. However, fans are melting after now seeing Beau's softer side, especially in his interaction with Michael.

Beau showed true caring and empathy for the boy

"CSI: Vegas" fans' hearts were melting from the moment Josh Folsom (Matt Lauria) and Beau Finado first visit Michael in the hospital room. It is clear that Beau begins looking out for him, shutting the blinds in the room, and putting sunglasses on him when he realizes the bright light is probably hurting his eyes. "Beau and Josh with this little boy," tweeted @timbrvdford. "[Oh my God] Beau is sooo cute with kids," wrote @capmarvelsidle. The entire episode was filled with moments like this, as Beau treated Michael with the same gentleness we imagined in his interactions with his own daughter. At the end of the episode, Michael shows how much he trusts Beau, walking up to him and holding his hand as an upsetting moment unfolded. Fans melted. "Aww ... the kid holding Beau's hand," wrote @Caitlin_schafft. "So cute! He trusts him." 

While viewers loved seeing this more serious and protective side of Beau, we really hope he reconsiders his decision to go back to the lab. We may never understand how difficult and heartbreaking the work of a CSI can be, but they need more compassionate people like Beau in the field.