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Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Have Some Heated Words About Tara And Rebecca's Split

"Criminal Minds" profiler Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler) hasn't had the best luck when it's come to romantic relationships. When Daryl Wright (Gale Harold), her first ex-husband, shows up in Season 14, we get plenty of flashbacks showing how their marriage issues started with his drug use. When he seeks her help, his current spouse reveals to Lewis that he still talks about her a lot, and the two finally make amends for the past.

Her relationship with fiancé Doug Fuller (Rob Kirkland) in Season 11 went off the rails when he began to feel neglected, telling her she was more interested in serial killers than she was in him. While she wanted to talk about things and work them out, his response that he was immediately moving back to California made her realize that this wasn't the kind of relationship she was looking for, and she sarcastically thanked him and told him to have a nice flight.

When Lewis began dating Rebecca Wilson (Nicole Pacent), fans were excited and hopeful for her. "It's my first time being this happy," Lewis said about Rebecca. So when Rebecca abruptly ended their relationship in "Criminal Minds: Evolution" Season 16, Episode 6 ("True Conviction"), fans became pretty angry.

Fans think Rebecca is being selfish and shortsighted

When information is discovered by the BAU team indicating that a man Rebecca put away at the beginning of her career may be innocent, Tara is cautious about how to proceed, and initially keeps the information they've uncovered from Rebecca. When Rebecca finds out, she blows up on Tara, telling her that if she pursues the case, they're done. Fans couldn't believe her over-the-top reaction. "Tara deserves better than Rebecca," u/canyonflight wrote on a "Criminal Minds: Evolution" subreddit. "Tara maybe should have given her a heads up, but it wasn't a mistake so big to burn down the relationship."

Some "Criminal Minds: Evolution" fans felt bad for Rebecca and the fact that she was now under review, but most felt she was being selfish and unreasonable. "I had a hard time feeling sympathetic for Rebecca," wrote u/Jonzey_Jo. "I couldn't justify feeling bad about her career when an innocent man's life was at stake."

U/plantycatlady agreed, writing "I understand being upset, but ending your serious relationship when your [significant other] just happened to be the one to figure out the man you put away was innocent ... ?"

With only four episodes to go before the end of Season 1, viewers are still hopeful that Rebecca will come to her senses and work things out with Tara. But fans are also standing behind Tara on this one, and hope she can move forward and find someone who deserves her.