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Attack The Block 2 - What We Know So Far

John Boyega may be one of the most well-known actors working in Hollywood these days, but that wasn't always the case. Before scoring his role as Finn in "Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens,"  Boyega first achieved breakout success with his memorable turn as Moses in the 2011 indie sci-fi film, "Attack the Block."

Written and directed by Joe Cornish, "Attack the Block" offered a unique and refreshing take on the typical alien invasion thriller. It received largely positive reviews at the time of its release (it currently holds a 90% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes), but didn't make much of an impact financially — raking in only a little over $6.2 million at the worldwide box office against a $13 million production budget (via BoxOfficeMojo). Nonetheless, it has gone on to become a cult classic amongst sci-fi and horror fans.

Now, exactly a decade after the film's 2011 release, an "Attack the Block" sequel is finally in the works. While little is known about the project at this time, there are still a handful of details about the long-awaited sci-fi sequel that should be enough to get fans of the project excited to see it take form in the coming months and years. Here's everything we know so far about "Attack the Block 2."

When is the Attack the Block 2 release date?

No release date for "Attack the Block 2" has been set yet. The sequel is said to be in early development, which means a script for it is likely still being written. That, in turn, suggests that it'll likely be a few years before "Attack the Block 2" finally makes its way to the big screen. However, despite still being in its early stages, the project does have some very good things going for it right out of the gate.

For instance, a number of the film's key creative roles have already been filled, with its producing team and lead star lined up. "Attack the Block" writer and director Joe Cornish is also set to return as the sequel's writer and director. Given his extensive knowledge of the world and characters of the first film, he should be able to tackle the material with a greater level of confidence than a new writer and director might. That may also mean he won't need to take as much time to write the script as a filmmaker might normally take, but fans will just have to wait and see if that actually ends up being the case.

Who is in the cast of Attack the Block 2?

So far, only one cast member for "Attack the Block 2" has been announced. The good news is that said cast member happens to be none other than John Boyega himself, who will be reprising his role as Moses for the first time since playing the character in the original 2011 film. In a statement released about the sequel (via Deadline), Boyega expressed his excitement to be playing Moses again, saying, "It's been a decade since 'Attack the Block' was released and so much has changed since then. I'm excited to see this heightened story return to the streets of London. Moses has remained one of my favourite characters to play and bringing him back is a huge honour."

Outside of Boyega, the cast of "Attack the Block 2" remains a mystery for the time being, and there's no telling if he'll be the only cast member from the original film returning for the sequel. Moses wasn't the only character still alive at the end of "Attack the Block," and there's a chance some of the film's other notable cast members could reprise their roles in the sequel, including "Doctor Who" star Jodie Whittaker. However, until some new casting announcements are made, it's impossible to know how much of the sequel's cast will be returning characters.

What is the plot of Attack the Block 2?

Little has been revealed about the plot of "Attack the Block 2" up to this point. Fortunately, Joe Cornish, who wrote and directed the original film, will be returning to write and direct the sequel, which means there's a good chance it'll actually be able to recapture the same feeling and magic of the 2011 film. In statements made in conjunction with the sequel's announcement (via Deadline), Cornish and Boyega did tease a bit about the film's premise and setting as well, with the former saying that he can't wait to "work alongside John again, bringing audiences an even bigger slice of inner-city alien action." Boyega also noted how excited he is to see the sequel's "heightened story return to the streets of London."

So fans can likely expect "Attack the Block 2" to stick to the same inner-city, urban London setting that made the original so distinct and unique. However, fans will have to wait to find out how exactly it will build off the alien invasion that was the cause of so much destruction and terror in the first film. It's also unknown if the sequel will take place 10 years after the original, pick up immediately where it left off, or split the difference somehow.

These are all questions that should, hopefully, be answered in due time though. For now, fans can at least relax knowing that the "Attack the Block" sequel they've long been hoping for is finally becoming a reality.