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What Gold Rush's Bree Harrison Would Do In Her Downtime During Filming

While many shows featuring extreme professions are about heavily male-dominated industries, the gold mining crews on "Gold Rush" feature several women. One of the women who gained a certain amount of celebrity from the show was Bree Harrison, a member of Parker Schnabel's crew who became very popular with fans during her appearances in Seasons 9 and 10.

Harrison is certainly keenly aware that she's in a male-dominated industry. In an Instagram post for International Women's Day in 2020, Harrison posted a photo of herself with the production crew of "Gold Rush" praising them for their support during the filming of the show. "Lots of love to all of the hardworking ladies out there, and a special shoutout for the women killing it in the trades!" Harrison wrote. "Who else works with some badass babes in a male-dominated industry?"

In a conversation in the r/goldrush subreddit, u/MulberryEvening2925 talked about how they didn't want to see a woman mine boss simply for the sake of diversity, and Harrison agreed. "That's the tough thing about the culture of virtue signaling. Now if they were to bring on a legitimate mine boss that's a woman, people would assume it was for diversity. I'm not sure how they could prevent that from being the message sent though." However, she later went on to say that it would be important for young female viewers to see a female mine boss, and said, "I wouldn't want to be defined by just being a woman either." So, considering her popularity on the show, it's only natural that viewers started to wonder what Harrison does in her downtime while filming. Well, Harrison told fans, and it isn't that surprising.

Bree Harrison likes hanging with the film crew on weekends

In a 2020 AMA thread in the r/goldrush subreddit, Bree Harrison was asked by u/hoogie52 what she did in her downtime during the filming of the show, and the answer was pretty unsurprising given Harrison's tomboy image on the show. "I go hiking, paddleboarding, work on my truck, adventure with my dogs. Film crew always has something fun going on at their camp on weekends." Considering Harrison's posts about how supportive members of the film crew have been, it's hardly surprising that she spends her weekends hanging out with the film crew. It might even give her a chance to interact with more women than she sees during her work days.

Harrison hasn't been on the show since Season 10, and apparently, she doesn't really miss it. In a Reddit thread discussing the Season 12 episode "Crank it to 11," many commenters made disparaging remarks regarding Rick Ness' new girlfriend, and Harrison got pretty fed up with their comments. "These comments are making me really grateful to not be on tv anymore," Harrison commented. "The way the women on the show are discussed is getting worse every year." So fans hoping to see Harrison show up again on a future episode of "Gold Rush" are probably out of luck, and they have some of the ruder fans to thank for it.