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MCU Producer Teases That Blue Marvel Could Be On The Way

"Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" broke major ground for Marvel Studios at last night's Golden Globes ceremony, which saw Angela Bassett take home the first major award for a Marvel Cinematic Universe feature. Bassett won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for her performance as Queen Ramonda. Now, one of the film's producers has opened up about which Marvel Comics character he wants to bring into the fold next.

Nate Moore (who executive produced both "Black Panther" films, "Eternals" and the Disney+ series "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" alongside Kevin Feige) recently appeared on Deadline's Crew Call podcast to discuss how Chadwick Boseman's death changed the highly anticipated sequel and how he intends to expand the MCU in the future. When asked about which other superhero stories he'd like to adapt, Moore had an answer locked and loaded.

For those expecting another deep cut like Killmonger or Flagsmasher, or a long-awaited heavy hitter like Namor, you may be shocked to learn that Moore's pick comes from the late 2000s era of comics — and is a character he compares to Captain Nemo and Superman himself.

A superhero from the Kennedy administration

According to his interview with Deadline, Nate Moore wants to introduce Kevin Grevioux and Nate Broome's character Blue Marvel. The intergenerational powerhouse was first introduced in the 2008 mini-series "Adam: The Legend of Blue Marvel." Praising him as both "fantastic" and "fascinating," Moore summed Blue Marvel up as "a character who is almost Superman in strength and powers, who in the '60s, operated as a Blue Marvel masked character."

Before he was a superhero, however, Adam Brashear was a decorated Marine who served in the Korean War alongside Conner Sims — a friend who would become the mentally fractured supervillain Anti-Man. Both Brashear and Sims were accidentally granted immense powers after the explosion of a machine meant to access the Negative Zone, a prominent piece of esoteric Marvel Comics lore that will likely be depicted at some point in the MCU. While Sims is initially presumed dead, Brashear becomes a government-sanctioned superhero working for President John F. Kennedy — that is, until a fight with Anti-Man reveals his identity to the public.

As Moore explained, "...his mask is ripped off and people realize he's Black. And Kennedy actually asks him to go back undercover because he's scaring people, 'cause he's gonna upset the powder keg of the Civil Rights era." The government ultimately orchestrates the "death" of Blue Marvel, leaving Brashear to operate in the shadows. Moore expressed his enjoyment of Blue Marvel's modern revival as a "smart... Captain Nemo character" that explores the outer reaches of the cosmos.