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Fans Are Furious Over Bob Odenkirk's Golden Globes Snub

The 2023 Golden Globes have come and gone, and with it, many have won the coveted award – though even more have lost it. Such is the way of awards ceremonies, and while many will say it is an honor just to be nominated, others, particularly the fans of those being nominated, would much rather see their chosen nominee win.

Despite actors gracefully accepting their defeats, that will never stop fans from being angry over their preferred stars losing, as is the case with Bob Odenkirk's loss of the award for best performance by an actor in a television series with his iconic performance in the final season of "Better Call Saul." Unfortunately for the actor, he lost to none other than Kevin Costner, who took home the prize for his performance in the first half of the fifth season of "Yellowstone."

Here is what fans think about Odenkirk losing the award to Costner.

Saul Goodman once convinced a woman he was Kevin Costner

There's a touch of irony to Bob Odenkirk losing to Kevin Costner, as the latter actor is referenced in both "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul." As shown in two clips by Twitter user @RobbyB3ll4s, who simply attached the clips with the word "Actually," Saul Goodman tells Walter White (Bryan Cranston) that he once convinced a woman he was Kevin Costner. Upon comparing the two, one can see a bit of a resemblance.

However, what was a throwaway joke in the original series became fleshed out in the prequel. In the first season of "Better Call Saul," we see the aftermath of the story. In the second clip posted to Twitter, Odenkirk's Jimmy McGill is woken up by a frustrated woman accusing him not of being Costner and leaving disgusted.

Twitter user @Aminelsonn showed an image of a sad Saul Goodman behind an image of Costner, writing, "They must've confused him with Bob Odenkirk."

Fans think Bob Odenkirk's on-set heart attack should count for something

As many know, Bob Odenkirk suffered a heart attack while filming the final season of "Better Call Saul," which caused production to be paused while he recovered. Apparently, some fans think this sacrifice for the performance should have been taken into consideration at the Golden Globes — or at least makes his loss even more tragic.

Twitter user @JulianDP03 wrote, "Bob Odenkirk literally acted his heart out, but good for him," with a picture of Saul Goodman and the caption, "It's not all good man." Another Twitter user named @DuckerAdin36 shared a similar sentiment, writing, "Bob odenkirk didnt almost die for this," adding a picture of Jonathan Banks' Mike Ehrmantraut looking distressed.

Showing their frustration, Twitter user @TaylorSalim2 wrote, "how does a man die on set for 5 minutes and not get a single major award for it." Twitter user @clarity_sounds agreed, writing, "bob literally DIED and came back to life ... this is a robbery." 

Fans share memes to numb the pain of Bob Odenkirk's loss

Although Twitter is full of people tweeting messages like "Bob got robbed," many others are creating memes to get through the pain of their favorite actor of the year losing. Twitter user @schmecelia wrote, "WE WANTED BOB," and added a clip from "Breaking Bad" of Skyler (Anna Gunn) screaming "Shut up!" repeatedly at Marie (Betsy Brandt). One can easily imagine the disappointed fans as Skyler and those who snubbed Bob Odenkirk as Marie. Twitter user @HollowedNater also turned on the caps lock, writing, "WHERES THE JUSTICE FOR BOB WHERE IS IT," with a picture of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) screaming.

Sharing a clip of Saul Goodman in his iconic office saying, "That's what the kids call 'epic fail,'" Twitter user @autumn_breezy13 glumly noted that Odenkirk was not the winner after all. And finally, Twitter user @Randomly0627 simply tweeted a photo of Michael McKean's Chuck McGill looking distressed, communicating their feelings with no words. 

Any fan of "Better Call Saul" worth their salt will know that this frame is where Chuck calls the situation he's in "chicanery," which is certainly what fans of "Better Call Saul" feel is going on right now.