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The Michael Scott Apology Videos You Can Only See On The Office: Superfans Episodes

The 21st episode of "The Office" Season 3, "Product Recall," is already iconic among fans for its cold open. This is the one in which Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) enters Dunder Mifflin dressed as Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) and proceeds to say, "Fact. Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. 'Battlestar Galactica.'" It's also when viewers learn that identity theft isn't a joke because millions of families suffer every year!

But the actual plot of the episode is, of course, completely unrelated. In "Product Recall," Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is forced to make an apology video to Dunder Mifflin's clients after Creed Bratton (a heavily fictionalized version of himself) allows an obscene watermark to be sent out to them. Ultimately, Creed manages to pin the whole thing on a rather unfortunate paper mill employee, and everyone avoids major scandal.

But in deleted scenes from a Superfans episode, which can be found on Peacock, "The Office" takes things further and reveals that Michael has made many apology videos in the past. Naturally, they're all hilarious.

Michael also made apology videos for his mom and condo association

"The Office" Superfans episodes only encompass the first three seasons of the show, but they include many deleted scenes that in some cases even change storylines (via Decider). In the deleted scenes of "Product Recall," for example, Pam (Jenna Fischer) reveals that she usually helps Michael film his apology videos, since he wants a "woman's touch." In her personal favorite, in which Michael surrounds himself with an absurd amount of balloons, Michael apologizes to his mom for forgetting her birthday. He then blames the mistake on Pam, who apparently threw away his calendar.

The funnier video, however, is coincidentally the one that Pam would like to forget. In an apology video to his condo association, Michael attempts to diffuse a tricky situation that he appears to have created himself. "And without denying the seriousness of the situation," he starts, "I would just like to remind you that in much of the Netherlands, swimming naked is the norm, so in Norway, you'd be the weirdos." The fact that Michael conflates Norway and the Netherlands is just the cherry on top: This is utter Michael Scott perfection.

Of course, these aren't the only deleted scenes from Season 3. For example, there's another from "Product Recall" in which Creed randomly admits to life insurance fraud, which not only fits into his arc in this episode but perfectly sums him up as a character. You can see the rest of the deleted scenes from Season 3 here.