Looper's Exclusive Survey Uncovered The Witcher Fans' Least Favorite Blood Origin Storyline

The franchise launched by "The Witcher" predominately follows Geralt of Rivia, a powerful mutant known as a Witcher. Witchers go through a brutal process that kills many of those that attempt it, but who that survive are granted fantastic abilities like magical skill, greatly enhanced physical attributes, and a rugged endurance that allows them to survive many attacks that would kill a normal mortal.

"The Witcher: Blood Origin" is a limited series from Netflix that is set over a thousand years before the streamer's hit show starring Henry Cavill. Running four episodes, "Blood Origin" concerns a moment in the franchise's timeline known as "The Conjunction of the Spheres," a time when the boundaries between realities become weakened, allowing all sorts of destructive magic and creatures to enter the world. One of the central plot points of "Blood Origin" involves the creation of the first Witcher, which at that point is even more brutal and unrefined than the later process that Geralt endures. 

We've conducted an exclusive survey asking fans about their least favorite story in "The Witcher: Blood Origin," and the response was overwhelming.

The majority of responses in our exclusive survey coalesced around one option

Polling around 2,600 respondents in the United States, Looper's exclusive survey about the worst "The Witcher: Blood Origin" story offered a few options. There's the villainous arc of Balor (Lenny Henry), Eredin (Jacob Collins-Levy) getting left stranded, the reveal of the portal created by Syndril (Zach Wyatt), and the relationship between Brian (Nathaniel Curtis) and Eredin. After tallying the results, one of these options surged far past the rest, with the relationship with Brian and Eredin taking the lead with a staggering 61% of the total vote. The runner-ups, in order, were Balor's villainous arc with 16%, Syndril's portal at 12%, and Eredin stranded at 11%.

In other words, audience members who sat through "The Witcher: Blood Origin" overwhelmingly disliked the story involving Eredin and Brian. Eredin is one of the most powerful figures in the politics of "Blood Origin," though he soon becomes the target of blackmail because of his romance with Brian. Eventually, Brian himself is used as a pawn to manipulate Eredin, which helps to set the stage for Eredin's future role as leader of the Wild Hunt when he's stranded in another dimension. (The Wild Hunt is an extra-planar force that seeks to destroy and remake the world of "The Witcher," and they were featured in the final moments of Season 2 of "The Witcher.") At any rate, our survey has revealed that fans of the show weren't exactly enthusiastic about this particular dynamic and storyline.