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The Messed-Up Part Of The Office That Fans Are Happy To Ignore

It's no secret that NBC's "The Office" continues to be extremely popular a decade after its finale. According to Variety, it was the most streamed show in 2020 by a long shot. However, even its biggest fans must admit that there are some messed-up aspects to the show, many of which involve relationship plotlines.

For example, the romance between Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and Jan Levinson (Melora Hardin) is quite toxic. She's his superior at work — and, seemingly, at home. In Season 4, Episode 13 ("Dinner Party"), Michael and Jan's guests are uncomfortable as they learn some concerning facts, such as that Michael has had numerous vasectomies at Jan's request. Let's also not forget about Jan's odd appreciation for her assistant Hunter Raymond's (Nicholas D'Agosto) music.

Another major "The Office" relationship that has its concerning moments is that of Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) and Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey). These two are weirdly perfect for each other, but unfortunately, they hurt people along the way. The biggest victim is Andy Bernard (Ed Helms), Angela's fiancé, whom she cheats on with Dwight.

At a glimpse, Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) seem to be the sweetest couple on the show, with their story certainly one to tug at the heartstrings. Following years of friendship and hiding their true feelings for one another, they finally become a couple, get married, and start a family. But of course, their relationship isn't perfect. In fact, some fans have pointed out some downright concerning situations regarding Jim and Pam — though they're still willing to overlook those issues.

The Office fans are happy to overlook the flaws of Jim and Pam's relationship

Jim and Pam may be deemed one of the best TV couples (via Harper's Bazaar), but many "The Office" viewers are noticing some flaws regarding this duo. On "The Cimorelli Podcast," Lisa Michelle Cimorelli summarized why their relationship might not live up to the hype.

During the early seasons, it's widely known across Dunder Mifflin that Pam is engaged to warehouse worker Roy Anderson (David Denman). But this doesn't stop Jim from admitting his crush on her to Michael — and even kissing Pam in Season 2, Episode 22 ("Casino Night"). Though Roy isn't the greatest fiancé in the world (he keeps delaying setting a date for the wedding), Cimorelli said that's no excuse for Pam to kiss Jim back. She also disliked how Jim achieves massive life milestones, like buying his parents' house and taking a job in Philadelphia, without telling Pam.

"Communication is in the toilet," said Cimorelli.

On Reddit, a number of "The Office" fans shared the same opinion. But given the toxicity of the other couples — such as Stanley Hudson (Leslie David Baker) blatantly cheating on his wife, Teri (Joanne Carlsen) — they're able to overlook Jim and Pam's less-than-perfect actions. U/ProbeEmperorblitz said, "Jim and Pam are the best couple in the show. I don't mean that in a 'Oh, how lovely, how perfect, they're meant to be!' way like some people might fangirl about, but they're still the best, and part of it is just because the other romances ... aren't all that good."

Jim and Pam have their share of cringey moments, but viewers love rooting for, well, love. Cheating and secrets aside, their story of friendship to romance is ultimately a touching one.