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Whatever Happened To Roy From The Office?

It seems like only yesterday that The Office—the American take on the BBC's original workplace comedy—closed its doors. And while many of its memorable characters have moved on to other projects or pursuits, we can't help but wonder: whatever happened to David Denman, the actor who played Pam's ex-fiancé, Roy Anderson?

We know a few details about the character's life after his time at Dunder Mifflin (and after he and Pam saw their long-standing engagement thwarted by that pesky Jim Halpert). Roy did pretty well for himself, all things considered. He may not have made it to the altar with Pam, but he did strike it rich with his own gravel company, married a restaurant owner, learned to play the piano and became quite the sophisticated ex-warehouse worker. That all took place in the fantasy land of Scranton, Pennsylvania, though. What did Denman really do after The Office? Let's find out ...

He appeared in the 31st century

One of the first major roles Denman landed in his post-Office career was that of Private McQuarrie in 2013's post-apocalyptic sci-fi action movie After Earth—the second movie to star father-and-son duo Will and Jaden Smith.

The film was widely panned by critics and viewers alike, and has gone down as one of both Smith's and director M. Night Shyamalan's least memorable projects. Fortunately for those involved, it didn't turn out to be quite the career-demolishing disaster it may have seemed—Shyamalan rebounded with Split in 2017, while both Smiths always have plenty of projects in the pipeline. And as for Denman? After Earth's failure definitely didn't stop him from landing more roles.

He bossed around Steve Jobs

... Or, at least, the Ashton Kutcher version of Steve Jobs.

Denman played the small but important role of programming pioneer, Pong creator, and Atari mainstay Al Alcorn in the 2013 biographical drama Jobs. Though it's not the most memorable part in the critically panned film, not everyone can lay claim to having hurled a profane insult at the late co-founder and former CEO of Apple. That's a long way from stacking boxes for Dunder Mifflin.

He worked with Adam Sandler

In 2014, Denman appeared as the supporting character Jim Vance in Men, Women & Children, an independent dramedy starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner, and Judy Greer. The film deals with various perils of the online world, with controversial topics ranging from hardcore pornography to MMORPG addiction and internet-assisted body-image disorders.

The film was a critical and commercial failure, bringing in a measly $306,367 over its opening weekend—the sixth worst since 1982 for a movie opening on over 600 screens. Critics clearly found the film far from engaging, and its gross was just a fraction of its $16 million budget—proving once again that a big-name cast alone doesn't necessarily put butts in cinema seats, especially in a genre that relies heavily on positive critical reviews and word of mouth.

Still, with Denman only playing a relatively minor role, it's not like he was to blame for the expensive failure.

He went to boot camp

In order to prepare for his role as Boon in biographical war thriller 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Denman put himself through boot camp—but not just to learn how to shoot guns. The actor wanted to really get into the mind of elite operatives. "They're of a different ilk," the actor told Backstage. "They do stuff that I don't necessarily understand and put themselves in harm's way without batting an eye."

The real identity of Denman's character remains protected in the film's credits, and the actor met his character's inspiration only after filming. "He is a very quiet, private man," Denman explained. "After the movie, he gave me the thumbs-up and said he had an enormous respect for what we did as actors, which was very odd coming from him."

Denman was also surprised to learn about the positive impact The Office had on the actual secret soldiers of Benghazi. "One of these guys came up after a screening and said, 'We watched The Office like crazy. It got us through so much. We'd be on patrol, laughing and joking about scenes.' I sat there in awe that some guy overseas, trying to protect our interests, was using a silly comedy as a survival tool. My brain had an explosion. I was really moved by that."

He put a ring on it

Though Denman hasn't spent much time in the spotlight for his various supporting roles, his marriage to Swedish-American actress and former Fear the Walking Dead star Mercedes Mason has garnered the attention of celebrity-adoring media.

The couple tied the knot in August 2014, and Denman celebrated their one-year anniversary on Instagram by posting, "Remember that time, when I got @themercedesmason the most amazing woman in the world to marry me ... Yeah that was pretty cool. Happy 1st Anniversary my love! Every day just gets better and better."

He's preparing for fatherhood…

Things are indeed getting better and better for Denman and Mason, who announced in August 2017 that they're expecting their first child.

Naturally, the first question that pops into one's mind is: is it a boy or a girl? We'd hate to ruin the surprise—see for yourself!

...But he's already had practice

Nobody ever said raising a child is easy. Luckily, Denman's had some practice—at least on the big screen. The soon-to-be real-life father played Sam Scott, the father of Red Ranger Jason Scott, in 2017's superhero film Power Rangers.

Played by Stranger Things 2's Dacre Montgomery, Jason Scott isn't necessarily the easiest high schooler to handle, having jeopardized his promising football career by landing himself in some hot water off the field. Of course, Jason goes on to help save Angel Grove and defeat the monstrous Goldar—so Denman must've done something right.

You've seen him on your favorite shows

Though Denman's never really been a leading man, you've definitely seen him on many of your favorite shows.

He's made supporting appearances on Person of Interest, Vegas, How to Get Away with Murder, Two and a Half Men, Impress Me, Mad Men, True Detective, and Angel from Hell—which means he's actually been pretty hard to miss. Additionally, he's been featured as a prominent recurring cast member in Parenthood and Outcast.

With an ever-growing résumé, expect to keep seeing Denman pop up on your favorite series for years to come. That is, if he isn't busy landing larger roles on the big screen.

He's been acting with some big names

In 2017, Denman appeared alongside some big-name talent in director Steven Soderbergh's heist comedy Logan Lucky, as car dealer Moody Chapman.

The film stars the likes of Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Seth MacFarlane, Riley Keough, Katie Holmes, Katherine Waterston, Dwight Yoakam, Sebastian Stan, Hilary Swank, and Daniel Craig—certainly not bad company for Denman. It also earned critical praise for its goofball humor and socioeconomic subtext, and stands out as a recent highlight on Denman's curriculum vitae.

What's next?

We certainly haven't seen the last of Denman, who's come a long way since playing Roy in The Office. He's set to star alongside Kelly Macdonald and Irrfan Khan in the Marc Turtletaub-directed film Puzzle; according to The Hollywood Reporter, the film centers around a suburban mother who discovers her penchant for puzzles—changing both her and her family's life. It's also an adaptation of the 2010 Argentine film Rompecabezas, which was nominated for the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The project shows a lot of promise, and will hopefully be another step forward in Denman's career.