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What Is The Song In M3GAN's Second Trailer?

The second trailer for "M3GAN" is here, and it offers the most extensive glimpse yet into the murderous misadventures of the titular sentient doll. Crucially, this new look gives audiences a better overview of the movie's premise. After inventor Gemma (Allison Williams) creates a lifelike robot doll named M3GAN (portrayed by Amie Donald and voiced by the viral sensation Jenna Davis) to protect her niece Cady (Violet McGrew), the doll develops a mind of her own and begins behaving violently.

While "M3GAN's" premise may lean into most of the typical haunted doll hallmarks of similar properties like "Chucky" or "Annabelle," some viewers may have been caught off guard by the tone of the trailer. As M3GAN tosses out witty one-liners between her bouts of extreme creepiness, a catchy, thumping tunes plays in the background. Some fans may even find that the song the trailer is set to sounds rather familiar. That's no surprise, as this particular piece is actually from the discography of a very popular musician.

M3GAN jams out to Dolls by Bella Poarch

The song that plays in the second trailer for "M3GAN" is none other than "Dolls" by Bella Poarch. Both a musician and an extremely influential social media personality on TikTok, Poarch is known for mega-hit singles like "INFERNO" and "Build a B*tch."

While Poarch's trademark dark pop style may seem to be a surprising choice for a horror movie, "Dolls" lines up with "M3GAN's" DNA in more ways than one. Beyond its obviously fitting title, the song's lyrics have some sinister undertones, including the refrain: "'Cause, baby, dolls kill / Don't provoke us or we will / Push you downhill." The music video for the song, which sees Poarch playing the leader of a group of sentient androids fighting against a sci-fi regime, also sports some creative parallels with the movie.

Based on the black comedy tone that the movie is clearly trying to strike along with an obvious emphasis on M3GAN as a semi-protagonist rather than a pure villain, Poarch's "Dolls" is a solid choice for the trailer. However, only time will tell whether M3GAN's dance moves are actually set to Poarch's music in-universe, or if it's just for promotional material.