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Whatever Happened To Todd From That '70s Show?

Todd (Christopher Masterson) appeared in two episodes in season 4 of "That '70s Show" — "Leo Loves Kitty" and "Jackie's Cheese Squeeze." But he was a vital part of the plot, as Jackie (Mila Kunis) kissing Todd was one of the final nails in the coffin of Jackie and Kelso's relationship that ultimately ended in the season 4 finale. Masterson is probably best known for his role as older brother Francis on "Malcolm in the Middle."

According to an interview with the Kevin Pollak Chat Show, Masterson explained that he started his career as a child model. "We lived on Long Island, and it's extremely suburban there, so in the summer it was very like, 'What do you do in the summer with your kids?' You join the town pool or something... My mom was like 'Oh, we should go to the city and try modeling and acting. That might be fun for the summer.' We tried it as a one summer thing to get us until school started again, and it just kicked off from there."

Masterson's appearance on "That '70s Show" came during his run on "Malcolm in the Middle." He continued with his role of Francis for years. But what has Masterson been up to since he finished working on these shows?

Chris Masterson did five episodes of The Wild Thornberrys

In season 5 of Nickelodeon's "The Wild Thornberrys," Masterson appears in a four-episode arc as rock star Shane G. The musician briefly travels with the Thornberrys, as he claims to be a nature lover. But he soon proves himself to be completely ignorant about wild animals. Eliza Thornberry (Lacey Chabert) quickly grows tired of Shane's ego and posturing. Soon she realizes that this is all a publicity stunt, leading to an ongoing tension between them that turns romantic. Shane G. is a notable character as being (basically) Eliza's only romantic relationship in the series.

In a review for Feeling Animated Blog, reviewer Paul Astell criticized this storyline as, "an obvious, desperate attempt by the writers to try to recapture a fading audience at the end of the show's run." Shane left after episode 4 of the season but returned once more in season 5, episode 8.

Christopher Masterson was in a MADtv sketch

In 2004, Masterson made a surprise appearance in a "MADtv" sketch where he played one of two lawyers interviewing a witness in a courtroom. In the sketch, the lawyers ask the witness increasingly irrelevant and inappropriate questions while the judge inexplicably overrules every objection from the opposing counsel. At one point during the odd exchange, the lawyers ask the witness if he'd rather punch a baby in the face or kick a baby in the face. When he gives his answer, the lawyers make him out to be a monster.

According to the Futon Critic, the episode that Masterson appeared in also featured Marilyn Manson and Ja Rule. The episode had the highest ratings "MADtv" had seen in nine months, calling the episode "worth staying up for." With the help of Masterson's cameo, the episode became one of the most memorable outings of the show's tenth season.

Christopher Masterson starred in Made for Each Other

Masterson also starred in the 2009 independent comedy "Made for Each Other." Directed by Daryl Goldberg, the movie follows Dan (Masterson), a man who has been married for three months but has yet to have sex with his wife, Marcy (Bijou Phillips). He accidentally cheats on his wife with his boss, Catherine (Lauren German). He then schemes to trick his wife into cheating on him so that he won't get into trouble.

The movie starred many of Masterson's friends and family members, including his brother and "That 70's Show" star Danny Masterson. According to the aforementioned interview on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, that was an intentional choice. Masterson noted that whenever he gets cast in anything, he starts thinking of friends he can cast in the project. "I know all these guys and girls who crush it all the time," he said. "Why would I go see 150 other people?" He also shared that having so many friends and family involved with the project is part of what makes acting fun for him.

Christopher Masterson became DJ Chris Kennedy

During a 2012 interview with A Drink With, Masterson explained how he became DJ Chris Kennedy. "So I just kept practicing and when I felt like I was okay I started playing at restaurants, house parties, and random little places," he said. "I did that for a long time until I started playing at a bar here or there and I'd be really nervous." Apparently, he kept working his way up until, in 2012, he kicked off Lollapalooza Weekend in Chicago.

Since 2012, he's only had a handful of roles, including an appearance on "Haven," a movie called "Bad Roomies," and the 2019 film "Beneath the Leaves," where he co-starred with Paul and Mira Sorvino. He seems to have taken a break from acting around the time the COVID-19 pandemic started. It's not known what he was up to in those years. Presumably, his interest in DJing suggests he sought to diversify his career.