Allison Williams Served As The Inspiration For M3GAN's Doll-Like Features

In the short time that "M3GAN" has been rolled out, the horrific AI-doll has already proven to be iconic. And that is difficult to do with so many memorable dolls in horror. Brad Dourif has portrayed the titular role of "Chucky" since the '80s and has basically cornered the market on snarky animated dolls with a quest for vengeance — or just the fun of murder. But M3GAN is quickly rising in the ranks, so much so that the two dolls have been battling it out on social media leading up to the release of the new film. And while Chucky will always be the gold standard, you can't deny that M3GAN is bringing something fresh and entertaining to the table

Director Gerard Johnstone snuck M3GAN's eerie dance moves into the film to the surprise and delight of many fans. Dance mixed with murder is the combination we never knew we needed, creating an even more terrifying monster. But some of her more disconcerting attributes are more subtle elements you would not recognize. As if M3GAN could not get more disturbing, the construction of the doll's face had some unexpected inspiration.

M3GAN's features make her more insidious

After her career-defining role as white supremacist girlfriend Rose in "Get Out," Allison Williams has been a new horror staple. She continued the trajectory from "Get Out" to Netflix's "The Perfection," and now "M3GAN." 

"Making the trailer for this was a very specific process — how do you translate this tone? How do you get 'M3gan' across?" Williams explained to Vulture about how particular some of the aesthetics of the doll are. In her role as executive producer and actor, Williams had many opportunities to have input, and it wasn't just on the trailer. Williams confided in Vulture that some of M3GAN's physical aspects were inspired by the actor herself. There is definitive brilliance in that decision. 

The publication noted that M3GAN's style is meant to evoke a feeling of privilege and uses Williams' likeness to pull this off. Details down to her hair and facial structure represent the same kind of fear present in "Get Out." The dangers that the elite and privileged pose. Because she is so perfectly coiffed and aesthetically pleasing, M3GAN can blend in wherever she chooses. Though no one would mistake her for being human, her beauty and specific talents make her integral to the home. She is created to keep Cady (Violet McGraw) safe and she will use everything at her disposal to complete this directive. Even her traditionally acceptable standards of beauty.