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Big Sky Fans Have Beef With Carla

If there's one thing "Big Sky" knows how to do, it's making well-rounded and nuanced characters. There's been a lot of distinct Montana residents introduced over the course of the show's several season run, and most of them harbor a respectable level of complexity when it comes to character motivations, actions, and relationships. Even when someone does something bad or surprising, the show often takes the time to make the audience understand how they got to that point — be it out of the desire to protect one's family, a commitment to carrying out justice, and so on. All that being said, though, there is one particular character on the series who hasn't been earning much sympathy from fans.

Not only does "Big Sky" Season 3 promote Jensen Ackles' character of County Sheriff Beau Arlen to series regular, but it also introduces a major face from his past: his ex-wife Carla (Angelique Cabral). As quickly becomes evident, there's a lot of ugly history between these former lovers, and a major part of Beau's arc is working through his unresolved romantic feelings for Carla. Unfortunately, fans are decidedly less warm on Beau's former spouse, and they've got some pretty strong reasons as to why.

Fans don't think Carla deserves Beau

Fans' beef with Carla on "Big Sky" stems from her treatment of Beau. Season 3, Episode 11 depicts a pivotal moment between the two in which Beau apologizes for not being there for Carla while he was going through a hard time and Carla forgives him. However, many fans feel that Carla should be apologizing for not supporting her husband during a difficult time. "It all feels so wrong," @SinnerQueen7 tweeted. "She's horrid to him. No one who truly loved someone treats someone like Carla treats Beau. She's toxic & self centered."

Some even labeled Carla's dynamic with Beau as an abusive relationship. "Carla gaslights and manipulates him," @DeanEverAfter tweeted. "It's just not being acknowledged as such and that's messed up." With Beau and Carla approaching a reconciliation, fans are hoping that the experience allows Beau to move on rather than reignite their old romance. "He needs closure with Carla," @MaeveBran tweeted. "That better be where they are going with it. He needs to get his guilt about Carla out of his system so he can move on with Jenny."

Fortunately, the pairing of Beau and Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) is the avenue that "Big Sky" appears to be taking. In an interview with TV Insider, showrunner Elwood Reid teased what's to come: "In the back half of the season, these emotional rollercoaster rides, Jenny with her mother and Beau with his family, are gonna throw these two together and have them open up."