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Magnum PI Reboot Star Jay Hernandez Pushes To Portray The Seamless Charm Of Tom Selleck's Magnum

While some fans aren't crazy about the "Magnum P.I." reboot that debuted on CBS in 2018, it has proven to be a hit with home audiences, who have embraced Jay Hernandez as a modern day Thomas Magnum (via Rotten Tomatoes). When rebooting a classic TV show, there is arguably an immense amount of pressure on those involved to somehow recreate the magic from the first run, while also providing viewers with something new for the experience. 

"Magnum P.I." has tried to straddle that line, which is perhaps what has led to its intriguing run: It was canceled by CBS in 2022 and then brought back again by NBC (via The Hollywood Reporter). But it seems like the series is just as resilient as the character of Magnum and Hernandez claims that it was the fans' support that helped save the show.

There is no denying that the two versions of the show are significantly different. However, Hernandez does try to recapture some of the charisma that Tom Selleck brought in the original series. While the updated version has changed things up compared to its predecessor, there are some aspects of the old-school "Magnum P.I." that Hernandez attempts to keep in play.

There is a little bit of Selleck still alive in the Mangnum PI reboot

While he may be missing the signature mustache that defined Tom Selleck's iconic take of the character in the 80s version, there is one part of Selleck's portrayal that Hernandez does try to keep alive in his version of Thomas Magnum. The actor tasked with bringing the infamous TV gumshoe to life for modern audiences was asked about what qualities were most crucial to bring to his performance. "For Magnum, it's like this kind of easy going charm. Just, you know, the kind of person that both guys and girls want to hang out with," Hernandez said during an interview with TVLine. "I think that's kind of what Tom Selleck embodied, so it's something that I try to bring to the character."

Hernandez told Entertainment Weekly in 2018 that he was initially hesitant to take on the role that Selleck made so popular for so many years, noting that "it's a little bit daunting but at the end of the day, it's an honor" to play this part. He makes it all his own but still maintains hints of Selleck's charming traits.

As far as Selleck's thoughts on the reboot of his iconic persona, he wishes Hernandez and the rest the best of luck, but has no desire to be a part of it since he wants to stay true to his version of the ex-naval officer turned private investigator. Selleck may be gone from the franchise, but he has a worthy successor in Hernandez, who keeps Selleck's spirit of Magnum alive in his own ways.