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New Amsterdam Fans Are Not Happy To See This New Side Of Max In Season 5

With the heartbreaking news of "New Amsterdam" ending with Season 5, we thought the journey to its finale would run pretty smoothly. And while fans have praised episodes like the Roe V. Wade-centered storyline of Episode 7, there have been a few bumps in the road. The medical drama focuses on Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold), a medical supervisor who tries to reform a New York City public hospital called New Amsterdam. The series has never shied away from current events, pulling from real-world issues to inspire its plots. And it's probably granted "New Amsterdam" some of its most impressive moments. However, the show still reinforces its dramatic elements, especially concerning the love life of Max, which can be messy.

For much of the series, Max had an important romantic relationship with the character Dr. Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman). But everything came to a head for the two in Season 4 when Helen left Max at the altar. It was a rough blow for fans of the character ship, named Sharpwin. Max then tried to start a relationship with Dr. Elizabeth Wilder (Sandra Mae Frank) in Season 5. However, Helen made a surprise return for Episode 11 of the season. And as a result, Max's following actions with Helen and Wilder left some "New Amsterdam" fans upset.

Max's decision not to meet Helen left fans baffled

Season 5, Episode 11 begins with Max's effort to smooth things over with Wilder after his reaction to seeing his ex Helen on TV. However, Helen then sends a text to Max, asking if the two can meet up. Max spends the episode mulling over whether to see Helen or firmly move on with Wilder. And after a hiking trip that goes disastrously wrong and some welcome advice from Dr. Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery), he finally decides to continue pursuing his new relationship with Wilder as they share their first kiss. Unfortunately, some fans on Twitter weren't too pleased with Max's actions. "Seriously," @DreadfulxIves18 began with their post. "This is not the same man who was ready to scream he loves Helen Sharpe from her balcony. This is not the same man who was ready to marry her and start a family with her." 

Part of the problem stems from how Max acted on his decision not to meet with Helen. In one of the last scenes of the episode, we see Helen sitting alone in a bar, waiting for him. Yet, Max just stares at her from outside and simply walks away. As some fans noted, it seems like a bizarre move for someone who was heavily in love with her not too long ago. @olicitybuddie posted, "Max Goodwin just stared at Helen from a glass like some weirdo and then run to a person to recreate a scene like he had with Helen. How is this the same man that went with her to London because he couldn't live without her, the same guy? That's not my Max."

Max talking with Helen could have given them closure

Max Goodwin's growing relationship with Elizabeth Wilder has significantly bothered fans since it was teased earlier this season. Some fans have argued that the coupling lacks that organic spark Max had with Helen Sharpe. It also seems to reduce an otherwise exceptional character in Wilder to nothing more than a love interest who helps Max forget about his ex. And what didn't help was "New Amsterdam" showrunner David Schulner promising the return of Helen for Season 5 last year (via TV Line). It may have put in the heads and hearts of Sharpwin fans that maybe the two would somehow rekindle their relationship or, at the very least, have one final talk as the series readies its final goodbye.

It's the latter that is really painful because, as some fans pointed out, Max not walking into the bar cheated him, and viewers out of any closure. @kat__writes posted, "I don't understand what the move was? If they weren't going to give us an actual convo between them for closure, why do it? Why make him pick Wilder OVER Helen?" Other fans like @ChrissyRenea7 seemed to agree that Max only hurt himself in this situation, adding, "He still has no closure with Helen, he just chose the easy way out."