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Evil Dead Rise Trailer Has Horror Fans Cringing Over The Cheese Grater Scene

Deadites always find a way to keep terrorizing the unsuspecting — and a few S-Mart employees; now they're coming back yet again with the new film "Evil Dead Rise." This new chapter in the horror franchise offers a different approach to the story. Gone is the isolated cabin in the woods or medieval time travel; "Evil Dead Rise" instead places terror in a Los Angeles apartment. The setting has a feel akin to Lamberto Bava's "Demons 2."

The complicated, but ultimately heroic, Ash Williams is nowhere to be seen in this incarnation. "Rise" finds its heroine in Beth (Lily Sullivan), whose visit to her sister, nieces, and nephew proves to be a panic-inducing experience thanks to the Necronomicon. The book once again summons deadites and turns someone closest to our protagonist into a devious demon.

Director and writer Lee Cronin is taking over from the original trilogy's creative force Sam Raimi. He's the second director to accept the challenge of updating deadites — with filmmaker Fede Álvarez taking on a 2013 remake. Much like the previous director, Cronin is unafraid to give audiences a gore-filled adventure. One moment from the trailer, in particular, is causing horror fans to gnash their teeth in anticipation and revulsion.

The grater creates a gory addition to the film

Everyone seeking their first look at "Evil Dead Rise" got more than an eyeful with the red band trailer. Packed full of what promises to be scary, striking, and yes, very bloody, the film appeals to longtime fans and newer generations of horror aficionados. From a blood-covered chainsaw to a full scalping, there's nothing left to the imagination. 

Any genre film that delves into food-related scenes can conjure up nausea-inducing moments. The "Rise" trailer starts out with a frying pan full of eggy goop set against an increasingly disturbing maternal image; symbolism aside, though, some moments are just plain and simple brutality.

A cheese grater seems ripe for horror film use, yet the cooking implement hasn't been at the forefront of many movie moments. "Rise" is set to change all that with a sequence that should have audiences grasping their armrests just a bit more tightly. The trailer shows Beth fighting for her life against a deadite. As she pushes away a grater on the floor, it flies into the hands of a demon who hovers over her; the resulting moments see the deadite apply the grater to her arm. 

How far it goes after that is anyone's guess, but considering "The Evil Dead" featured a tree doing unspeakable things to a character, there is room for anything in this universe.

Fans are having fun with this diabolical implement

Fans are hitting social media with their thoughts on the human grating, and their responses are showing this moment is sure to get people talking. A Reddit thread about the trailer focused on the particulars; u/ThisIsCreation stated "Jesus Christ, the cheese grater part!" In response, u/Sleeze_ mentioned a similar feeling: "Yeah I had a physical reaction to that part. And as I was reeling they hit me with the glass bit. This looks absolutely bonkers. I'm in."

Reddit wasn't the only outlet for grater-related commentary. Twitter user @TheCarlGerber jokingly used a gif with the phrase "Oh, this is too violent for me" to summarize his feelings, his response aimed at the iconic horror magazine Fangoria. Others see the grater in correlation to other film appearances, namely "Tenet." "So far, EVIL DEAD RISE feels like it was made specifically for me in the way it comes from the TENET school of thought that you can make your kitchen fight 50% gnarlier if you throw a cheese grater in the mix," wrote user @dontcallmecris.

Not to be left out of the conversation, Lee Cronin got in on the hot takes about the scene. The "Evil Dead Rise" director and screenwriter tweeted a gif featuring one sports fan wearing oversized graters on their hands and one on his head. He included the caption "This guy knows what's up."