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Evil Dead Rise's Official Trailer Is Giving Demons 2 Fans Deja Vu

Fans of the "Evil Dead" franchise have been waiting very patiently for a new film over the last decade. While "Ash vs. Evil Dead," an "Evil Dead" musical, and a couple of video games here and there have kept the ravening hordes of the fanbase from starving for new content completely, there hasn't been a truly scary entry in the series since the 2013 remake from Fede Álvarez.

"Evil Dead Rise" looks to change all of that. Its citybound apartment setting and the horrific premise of a mother becoming infected by the Deadite scourge, only to turn her murderous desires on her own children, are definitely fresh new ideas for the series. Furthermore, they buck past trends of the franchise like a group of friends being trapped in a cabin together or the wacky comedy-horror hijinks for which the series have often been known.

While "Evil Dead Rise" may indeed be a new take on the creatures of the horror series thus far, some horror fans are comparing the upcoming sequel to a deeper-cut '80s flick in the form of "Demons 2."

Fans quickly noted similarities between Evil Dead Rise and Demons 2

Following the release of the first proper trailer for "Evil Dead Rise," it wasn't long before horror hounds were taking to social media to point out the similarities between the sequel and the '80s horror flick, "Demons 2." "Evil Dead Rise is giving off Demons 2 vibes. I'm into it!" tweeted @EmmaOfTheImpact, posting comparison shots of possessed humans from the two movies for posterity.

Indeed, many of the responses to the trailer that compared "Evil Dead Rise" with "Demons 2" drew attention to the similarities in creature design between the Deadites and the demons. Others pointed out how much the plot and setting seemed to be borrowed from the 1986 horror film as well (via IMDb). For example, both films seem to take place in a high-rise apartment in the city.

"#EvilDeadRise giving me DEMONS 2 vibes. I hope they go wild with it and have an entire apartment complex full of Deadites!" wrote @JacobDavison_. Like zombies, the Deadites' ability to spread to others so quickly is part of what makes the creature so frightening, and the premise of 10 or 20 stories of terror-filled carnage is no doubt an enticing one for fans of the horror genre. Regardless, audiences will have to wait until the film comes to theaters on April 13 to see what "Evil Dead Rise" has in store for them.