Evil Dead Fans Are Caught Between Excitement And Fear Over The Teaser For Evil Dead Rise

Horror fans are getting super excited, and maybe a little uneasy, for the release of "Evil Dead Rise," which hits theaters on April 21, 2023. A teaser trailer that has fans rejoicing was released today, ahead of the full trailer release that is coming tomorrow. It gives fans a creepy first look at one of the Deadites from the film. In the teaser, a little girl calls out to her mom, and upon looking out of a peephole, she lets, presumably, her mom know that she doesn't look right. The possessed ghoul flashes an unsettling smile and the teaser ends.

In the "Evil Dead" series, one by one, souls are swallowed by ancient spirits that possess unsuspecting victims who say aloud words from the Necronomicon, the book of the dead. Typically, the evil is unleashed by unsuspecting youths in a cabin in the woods, but "Evil Dead Rise" takes the action into an urban high-rise building and follows a pair of estranged sisters and their families as they deal with the outbreak of demons within the Los Angeles apartment building.

The sequel comes 10 years after the last film in the franchise was released in 2013. "Evil Dead Rise" was originally supposed to be released straight to HBOMax, but after some company restructuring, Warner Bros. decided to release the film theatrically (via Deadline).

Movie fans took to social media to express how scared the teaser made them

Fans are obviously very excited for the belated sequel, "Evil Dead Rise," due out in theaters in April. Several movie aficionados took to social media to express their excitement and fear over the teaser that was released earlier today.

One YouTube commenter wrote, "Only 21 seconds and already I'm creeped out. Can't wait for tomorrow for the full trailer." Another YouTube commenter said, "Classic jumpscare, but still almost threw my phone out of the window." It sounds like they were just as creeped out by the face in the peephole as the little girl in the teaser. Adding to the conversation, another commenter said simply, "Looks fantastic! Gave me chills. Let's go!"

Twitter users echoed similar sentiments. User @carouselshotgun wrote, "'Evil Dead Rise' is going to be amazing and creepy. [I'm] so excited." @ThatBlurayGuy tweeted, "I'm so damn excited for 'Evil Dead Rise.'" Meanwhile, @KieronTownend tweeted, "New poster for 'Evil Dead Rise' has me excited." 

Coupled with the haunting tagline of "Mommy loves you to death," the newly released poster for the film features a possessed Deadite, with a demented smirk, holding her children. "Excited" seemed to be the word that came up most often when discussing the new "Evil Dead" film on Twitter. Fans seemingly can't wait to sink their teeth into the horrors put before them for the latest in the long-running horror franchise.