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Full House's Dave Coulier Recalls The The One Scene That Had Him Cracking Up

What's the funniest scene in the history of "Full House?" It would seem everyone has a different answer to that question. 

In a thread in the r/fullhouse subreddit, Redditor u/Possible_Cap_8569 asked for fan opinions on the funniest scene, and the answers varied widely. u/dmazzoni pointed to the Season 4 episode "Secret Admirer," in which Danny's (Bob Saget) girlfriend's son, Rusty (Jordan Christopher Michael), plays a prank that goes awry and makes certain people think that others have crushes on them. Another Redditor, u/bjrogers11, suggested the Season 8 episode "Under the Influence," which sees Joey (Dave Coulier) and Jesse (John Stamos) teach the boys a lesson about forgiveness. The lesson results in the two of them being covered in the ingredients from Joey's new invention, flounder tarts.

The show had two different episodes in which the kitchen windows were destroyed — "Honey, I Broke the House" and "The Apartment" — and both of them came up frequently in the thread. The scene where Stephanie drove the car through the kitchen was also brought up again by several users, while u/DisneyVista and u/chelsealouanne both mentioned the scene where DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) and Steve (Scott Wienger) accidentally cause the cement truck to start emptying into the kitchen. 

Those two scenes really seemed to resonate with fans, and they also seemed to resonate with the cast members. In fact, Dave Coulier cited one of them as one of his favorite scenes of the series.

Dave Coulier laughed at himself in the cement mixer scene

In an interview with "Today," Dave Coulier talked about the funniest moments on "Full House," and cited the mixer scene from "The Apartment" as one of his favorites. In the scene, a cement mixer empties into the kitchen while Joey obliviously listens to meditation tapes on his headphones. "I usually don't laugh at myself, but for some reason that particular scene made me laugh really hard," Coulier said. Apparently, fans agree with him, as evidenced by all the fans on Reddit who also threw out that scene as possibly the funniest of the series. Fans seem to like it when the kitchen windows break, for whatever reason.

In addition to his favorite scene, Coulier has also named one of his favorite guest stars from the series. In 2012, Coulier told HuffPost that his favorite guest star on the show was, hands down, rock 'n' roll legend Little Richard. "We had many [guest stars], but Little Richard was on the show and he was just so bizarrely weird and funny and sweet and kind — and out of his mind," Coulier explained. "It was just so fun to be around this musical icon who was so flamboyantly overt with every comment. It was just bizarre." Little Richard appeared in the Season 7 episode "Too Little Richard, Too Late," in which Joey runs for PTA president to get Michelle's art program back, and the rock star agrees to play at Joey's rally.