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Kara Killmer Believes Her Time Driving The Ambulance On Chicago Fire Should Qualify Her As A Stunt Driver

As Paramedic in Charge Sylvie Brett on NBC's "Chicago Fire," Kara Killmer has spent eight seasons with the hit series — proving that her character has what it takes to serve as an elite first responder dealing with every crisis, disaster and major emergency the city can throw at her. As the lead paramedic heading up the crew on Ambulance 61 (generally referred to simply as 'the ambo') Brett has shown herself to be a highly competent medical professional as well as a dependable colleague and sympathetic presence for the rest of the team at Firehouse 51. Her generally sunny disposition and appealing sense of humor also make her a favorite with fans of this hugely popular One Chicago series.

Sliding behind the wheel of her vehicle and racing into action in response to everything from high-rise blazes to mass casualty vehicle accidents, toxic chemical spills, train derailments, and more, Brett has put more than a few miles on Ambulance 61 during her 180-plus episodes on the series (per IMDb). So, considering her veteran high-mileage status, it's perhaps no surprise Killmer thinks she's earned her stunt-driver stripes on the show.

Killmer is proud of her time spent driving the ambo on Chicago Fire

Joining the Firehouse 51 paramedic team on "Chicago Fire" in Season 3, Kara Killmer's Sylvie Brett was initially brought aboard as the replacement hired to fill the gap left by the death of Lauren German's paramedic Leslie Shay (via Chicago Fire Fandom). Quickly establishing herself as a pivotal member of the crew, Brett's Illinois farm girl background stood her in good stead as she entered the rough and ready world of a paramedic working one of the toughest big-city beats in the country.

Queried about the stunts seen on the series during a One Chicago roundtable interview, Killmer and "Chicago Fire" co-stars Miranda Ray Mayo and Hanako Greensmith all had stories to tell about their varied experiences. For her part, Killmer noted, "I have been driving the ambo now for eight years." At this point, Greensmith, who plays Paramedic Violet Mikami on the show, interjected, "And she whips it!" Killmer then went on to say, "I do drive slightly dangerously," which led to her comment that "I feel like I should become an honorary stunt driver. Just gonna put that out there." So while she may not have met all the requirements to qualify as a pro in the field as detailed at CBT Stunt Alliance, Killmer's lengthy career as a TV-ambo-pilot on "Chicago Fire" likely does make her, at least informally, a member of the honorary stunt driver club.