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Why Chet From So Help Me Todd Looks So Familiar

"So Help me Todd" has proven to be an enjoyable series in just its first season. Due to its powerful plotline, it's no wonder why. The CBS show follows Todd (Skylar Astin), a young man who has never let go of his childhood dream of being a private detective. This dream hasn't panned out the way he wants, after being fired and then having his license revoked. 

His mother, Margaret (Marcia Gay Harden), a successful attorney, has had enough of his lack of direction and hires him to join her at her firm so he can turn his life around and also pay back the $9,000 he owes her. Margaret is a powerful matriarch, who pursued her law degree after the death of her husband and father of her three children — Todd, Lawrence (Matthew Wilkas), and Allison (Madeleine Wise). Todd can't help but feel underappreciated as he is constantly compared to Allison who is married and also has a successful job as a doctor. Todd even falls short of the graces Margaret reserves for Lawrence, the son who is never around but still has a better job than Todd does.

While Lawrence isn't always present at the family dinners, which only just recently started including Todd, Lawrence's husband Chet Venables is always present with their young daughter, Clem (Artemis Litsiadis), in tow.

Chet is played by Thomas Cadrot who has quite a few roles under his belt. Here is where you might've seen Cadrot before.

He was the storyteller-turned bartender Aesop in Once Upon a Time

Thomas Cadrot featured as a citizen in Storybrooke in ABC's "Once Upon a Time" during the show's sixth season. Named Aesop, after "Aesop's fables," this character runs a successful bar named "Aesop's Tables." Pretty clever, huh? 

Cadrot appears in Season 6, Episode 15 ("A Wondrous Place"). Contrary to the title, 'wonderful' is probably the last word Emma (Jennifer Morrison) would use to describe what's been going on. She and Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) have had a pretty big fight after he reveals that he murdered her grandfather and Prince Charming's (Josh Dallas) father. Emma says they can't trust each other after he hid something so big.

To cheer her up, Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Snow (Ginnifer Godwin) call in a fake bar fight at Aesop's Tables to entice Emma to come up. Despite realizing it's a ruse, Emma stays to share a couple of drinks with Regina and Snow for a girl's night.

While Aesop is charming to the trio of ladies, we discover that it's actually Gideon (Giles Matthey) taking his form. Using the disguise of Aesop, he gets Emma's tears which are essential to a curse he's planning to cast. This spell will keep Hook from returning to Storybrooke, but Gideon offers to cut Emma a deal: if she helps him kill the Black Fairy (Jaime Murray), he won't cast it. 

Sean's childhood buddy and love interest in Firefly Lane

The Netflix series "Firefly Lane" follows Kate (Sarah Chalke) and Tully (Katherine Heigl), from the start of their friendship in the 1970s up until maneuvering around their adulthoods in the early 2000s. The show doesn't follow a chronological order and instead has flashbacks interwoven of the girls at the start of their friendship, college days, and then into the present day.

In Season 1 Cadrot stars as Robbie, a close friend of Sean (Jason Mckinnon), Kate's brother. Greeted by Kate's mother and father just like his family, he is quickly ushered into Sean's room where they listen to some music together. Sean attempts to kiss Robbie, showing the audience that the pair had an intimate relationship in the past, but Robbie is quick to stop him. He tells him that he's married now, having gotten a girl pregnant. While the baby hasn't been born yet, he proudly tells Robbie that he did the right thing and married her and that he also loves her.

Audiences also saw Robbie in a later episode where Sean marries Julia, determined to have a family and what everyone else has. In the present time, Sean stayed in the closet but finally comes out to his sister in Episode 8, "Mawaige."

He appeared in The CW's Nancy Drew

Besides joining "So Held Me Todd" in 2022, Cadrot also found himself on The CW's TV series adaptation of "Nancy Drew." Cadrot starred as Jonas Glass in the Season 3 finale and is also confirmed to appear in Season 4.

For those who grew up reading books about the teenage sleuth, "Nancy Drew" delivers a new version of the character, her friends, and the mysteries. Supernatural elements take the center of the show and Cadrot's character is a little involved in that. Before audiences witnessed the deadly confrontation that results in Ryan Hudson's (Riley Smith) death, they first saw Ryan approach a couple's house to ask for a special hatchet he needs against the season's antagonist, Temperance (Bo Martynowska). Jonas and his wife Shelby (Sharon Taylor) are the couple who help him. 

That's not the only time we see Jonas, however. As audiences know, time is turned backward, and Ryan is resurrected. Jonas and his wife track Ryan down in a grocery store parking lot. He tells them he can't return the hatchet since it's been destroyed but offer them his car. Instead, Ryan is lured into the car by Jonas, leaving his future in question.