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Why The ER Receptionist In The Handmaid's Tale Looks So Familiar

With multiple seasons and a cult following, it's safe to assume most people are familiar with "The Handmaid's Tale" and the characters that make up the dystopian universe. With many different characters cycling in and out through the series run, audiences have become accustomed to seeing new faces as well as old ones.

One such appearance was in the Season 5 episode "No Man's Land," where audiences saw Serena (Yvonne Strahovski) give birth, with June (Elisabeth Moss) by her side. Fans will probably remember how Serena and June developed somewhat of an understanding for each other, sharing their emotions and finally (almost) coming to support one another for the difficulties they each had faced. Flashbacks helped to artfully depict the beginning of their relationship to this new point in it. 

Things escalated when Luke (O-T Fagbenle) called immigration services on Serena. In the midst of it was the ER receptionist, just trying to do his job. He is played by Izad Etemadi, an actor who has had quite a few roles in other memorable shows. He's had plenty of gigs in 2022 alone, usually all hinging on the comedic side. Here are the other notable places where you can find this talented actor.

Izad Etemadi played a cult member in Ghosts

Izad Etemadi joined the cast of the CBS show "Ghosts" in the second season. The show follows couple Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) who have inherited an old house. Unbeknownst to the couple, the house is inhabited by a collection of funny ghosts who are doomed to stay — and they become very unhappy with the couple's arrival, trying to do anything to get rid of them.

With plans to develop a bed and breakfast, Sam and Jay start preparing to makeover the house, but things get a little complicated after Sam has a near-death accident. While she thankfully recovers, when she awakes, she is gifted the ability to see ghosts wherever she goes, including the ones in her home. The ghosts request several stipulations in order to let the couple live there harmoniously, and hilarity ensues as Sam is the only one able to see them.

Etemadi came aboard in the episode "Jay's Friends" as Norm, part of a cult trying to get Jay to join. Luckily for Jay, his wife Sam and their choir of ghosts are able to successfully get him out of the deal while effectively removing the cult members from their land and out of their house.

He's been in sketch comedies

Audiences remember Izad Etemadi for his comedic roles. While he's usually playing a funny character, some might not know he's actually been on two sketch comedy shows in his career.

On "Tall Boyz" he played the Tiki Taxi driver Conor who belonged to a sketch that involved a street game show titled "I Know Canada." Vance Banzo acted as the host, promising Conor $10,000 if he could use the four hints to guess whether Banzo was talking about a Canadian penny or an Indigenous Canadian. Conor sadly doesn't get the payout he wanted, as the questions were rather difficult to answer, and left at the segment's end to continue his taxi driver ways.

Etemadi also appeared in the comedy "Cyrus and Chels" alongside his costar Allie Dunbar, who is the Chels to his Cyrus. The pair play roommates, and audiences watch mini clips of the two living together, going through life as millennials. Some examples of their antics in Season 1 have audiences watch Cyrus inspect the shape of his poop and Chels cry after telling a boy she loves him within four dates. As she sits in tears with makeup everywhere, Cyrus reminds her of their relationship rules before lovingly telling her, "I'm gonna go take a dump."

He played Kevon in Revenge of the Black Best Friend

Another strong role Izad Etemadi had in 2022 was Kevon in "Revenge of the Black Best Friend." The show follows Dr. Toni Shakur (Olunike Adeliyi), a daytime talk show host and a writer who is tired of seeing token Black characters killed off first in horror movies, not getting their happy endings in the rom-com, and just ultimately being sidelined as the white character's best friend. These characters typically don't have as much screen time, don't have last names, love interests, or significant character development that exists beyond their relationship to the main (and usually white) protagonist.  

She helps struggling actors stand their ground and fights to establish Black actors with roles that are overall more dimensional while encouraging the film industry to modernize and eliminate these tropes. Etemadi joined the cast in two of the six episodes as Dr. Shakur's supportive assistant and friend, and if a second season occurs, audiences may see more of him on the show. 

Etemadi is a talented comedic actor, so those looking for a laugh should peruse his many other hilarious roles.