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Lois Actress Alex Borstein Dreams Of A Family Guy Crossover With The Jetsons

There's nothing that gets cartoon fans quite as excited as hearing of a crossover between some of their favorite shows. And it's not only fans who become intrigued by the possibilities, but that level of hype can also exist for those involved in the cartoons, including Alex Borstein, the voice of Lois Griffin on "Family Guy."

For over 20 years, Borstein has provided the snarky voice of Lois, the mother of the Griffin home and doting wife to the not-so-bright Peter Griffin (voiced by Seth MacFarlane). While she does her best to maintain a sensible household, Lois is far from perfect, often proving to be amongst the most sadistic and uncaring members of the already eccentric unit.

Borstein, who is also known for her roles on "MAD TV," "Good Night, Good Luck," "Ted" and "ParaNorman," has been a significant part of shaping "Family Guy" into what we know of it today (per IMDb). Not only has she been voicing the character since its 1999 debut, but she has also become a staff writer and producer for the long-running adult animated sitcom. So if there's anyone fans can trust to pick the right show to crossover with "Family Guy," it's safe to say that Borstein would be near the top of that list. And it would only make sense that Borstein's top choice would be another famous animated family.

Borstein could see the Griffins having fun in the far-off future

"Family Guy" has seen numerous cartoons make crossover and cameo appearances over the years, from "Rick and Morty" to Seth MacFarlane's other hit animated series, "American Dad!" But for Lois Griffin voice actress Alex Borstein, there's only one obvious place to take the Griffin family for crossover hijinks — the future.

On a Reddit AMA several years ago, Borstein was asked by Redditor u/SchrodingersHamster, "If you could have a crossover 'Family Guy' episode with any other animated franchise, which would you choose and why?" The actress simply replied, "'The Jetsons.' Cuz flying cars...duh."

Released in 1962, "The Jetsons" follows the misadventures of George Jetson (voiced by George O'Hanlon) and his family, who all live in a humorous version of the future, complete with robot maids, wacky gizmos, and, yes, flying cars. The Hanna-Barbera-created animated sitcom would last from September 1962 to March 1963 due to poor ratings but returned with new episodes produced in the late '80s, alongside a feature film in 1990 (via Smithsonian Magazine).

Funny enough, both shows have had separate crossovers with the respective animated families that were partially responsible for their creation. In 1987, "The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones" saw the future and prehistoric families collide, while 2014's "The Simpsons Guy" would bring together the Quahog and Springfield gangs for a mismatched adventure. The stars are practically aligned for these iconic animated franchises to meet, even if they are owned by different companies; hopefully, fans won't have real flying cars when that day comes.