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Keiko Agena's Favorite Gilmore Girls Scene Is A Rare Moment Between Lane And Mrs. Kim

"Gilmore Girls" has plenty of relatable moments, especially when it comes to mothers and daughters. As the title suggests, the series primarily focuses on Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel). Even though Lorelai and Rory have an enviable dynamic, Lorelai's relationship with her own mother, Emily (Kelly Bishop), reminds viewers that finding common ground with your parents isn't always easy. However, the Gilmores aren't the only ones dealing with family drama in Stars Hollow. The show also focuses on other members of the community, including Rory's best friend, Lane Kim.

Portrayed by Keiko Agena, Lane has a passion for music that eventually leads her to become a drummer in a rock band. While some of Lane's storylines shocked Agena, the character's desire to become a rock star makes perfect sense. It takes her awhile to get there, partially because of Lane's contentious relationship with her mom, Mrs. Kim (Emily Kuroda). Mrs. Kim is incredibly strict, religious, and overprotective, forcing Lane to hide her beloved music collection under the floorboards. If Lorelai and Rory are presented as an example of a seemingly healthy mother-daughter dynamic, then Lane's relationship with Mrs. Kim represents the opposite side of the coin. Even though they have their ups and downs, Agena says that one of her favorite "Gilmore Girls" moments is a rare scene that highlights the positive aspects of Lane and Mrs. Kim's relationship.

Mrs. Kim comforts Lane after a breakup

Over the course of the show, Lane gets more courageous about pursuing the life she wants for herself. She eventually moves out, joins a band, and starts dating her bandmate, Zack (Todd Lowe). At first, it's Mrs. Kim's worst nightmare, but she eventually she recognizes her daughter's autonomy and becomes more supportive of the band's efforts. Via a Reddit AMA, Keiko Agena revealed that one of her favorite scenes demonstrates how much Mrs. Kim loves her daughter, despite their differences.

"Hi! Let's see... One of my favorite episodes was when Mrs. Kim and I got to share a little tiny bit of whiskey it was I think in the kitchen," the actor explained. "I thought it was a nice bit of growth for us."

The scene in question occurs in the Season 6 episode, "The Perfect Dress." Lane has broken up with Zack and the band is on the outs, forcing her to move back in with her mother. Angry and heartbroken, Lane grows agitated and despondent. It seems as though Mrs. Kim might snap, reverting to her authoritarian parenting style in a bid to get Lane back on track. However, Mrs. Kim recognizes that her daughter is struggling. Instead, she offers Lane a few kind words and a much-needed cocktail. These heartwarming moments between Lane and her mom are few and far between, so it's great to see these two women who are so frequently at odds find some common ground.