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Fans Think They Have A Pretty Good Idea Where The 60th Anniversary Doctor Who Storyline Is Heading

One of the most fascinating things about "Doctor Who" is seeing which form the titular Time Lord will take when it's time to regenerate. This allows the show's creators to cast new actors in the role and keep the character fresh. As such, "Doctor Who" character reveals are still making history in 2022.

Of course, while new incarnations of the Doctor are exciting, it's hard to beat some of the old-school Time Lords. There are some actors who impressed so much in the role that fans wished they got to play the character longer. Since the series was relaunched in 2005, performers such as Christopher Eccleston, Matt Smith, and Jodie Whittaker have made the role their own. When it comes to fan favorites, however, David Tennant's run is regarded as an all-timer.

The good news for Tennant fans is that he's set to reprise the role in three specials that will air next year. While that's great news, it remains to be seen how his return as the 14th Doctor will be explained, but some Whovians have posited some interesting theories nonetheless.

Doctor Who fans weigh in on David Tennant's return

The latest "Doctor Who" special, "The Power of the Doctor," said goodbye to Jodie Whittaker's iteration of the character. However, when the Time Lord regenerated, fans were shocked to see David Tennant back in action. In a trailer for next year's specials, it's revealed that Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) will also return to the series and that she'll die if she sees her old friend. But is she responsible for his re-emergence?

According to Redditor u/chloe-and-timmy, Tennant's return is probably connected to Donna. "I get the impression that this whole story is about Donna specifically, to the point where she might have actually subconsciously affected the Doctor's regeneration and made them become Tennant again," they wrote.

Elsewhere, u/ruaidhri proposed that the Doctor might have "unresolved guilt" over erasing her memories in Season 4 of the reboot series. Therefore, it's understandable why the Doctor would take on the appearance of him that lingers somewhere in her subconscious memories.

However, fellow Reddit user u/SiBean believes that the Doctor is experiencing an "identity crisis," which may have been spurred on by the mysterious villain Neil Patrick Harris is set to portray in the upcoming specials.