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Love Island USA's Deb Chubb Describes Her Villa Experience As Relationship Bootcamp

For lovers of reality TV shows, and their contestants out there looking for love, fame, or drama, "Love Island USA" gives them a taste of all three. With funny, smart, and gorgeous contestants all there for different reasons, or perhaps just the $100,000 cash prize, one can't help but be engrossed in the excitement that ensues from the show's high stakes. Audiences can't predict who will stay and who will go, and it can be a nail-biter to watch the group dwindle with each new episode. 

There are high stakes for all contestants, and with the public able to influence the votes from the comfort of their own homes, things change significantly. Rooting for a specific couple can also be an emotional minefield because if they break up, you cry, and if they lose, you cry. Lots of emotions, especially if they keep tabs after the season's end to see where couples end up. 

Being on "Love Island" is also a one-time enormous opportunity, which means you wouldn't want to waste it. While only one person or couple can walk away with the large cash prize, the experience is worth the time, even amongst potential heartbreak. 

One of the recent winners of "Love Island USA" Season 4, Deborah or "Deb" Chubb, made the most of her time. With her partner Jesse Bray, she emerged victorious as the couple in third place on the show. Though the lovebirds have unfortunately since parted, Chubb still left the show with an important takeaway (via E! Online).

Being on Love Island made Deb Chubb grow

In a joint interview with fellow "Love Island USA" alum Sydney Paight with E! News, Deb Chubb got deep about her experience on the show.

"I always thought of it as relationship bootcamp. I went into the villa saying, 'I need to learn how to stand up for myself and speak what I want and tell a man what I need from him,'" Chubb said, going on to add that this predetermined goal is something she has benefited from: "Then I find myself in situations where I find myself having to do those things." 

That certainly would be a healthy takeaway and productive use of being on "Love Island USA." While drama is inevitable on a show like this, the ability to learn and use that experience going onward is priceless because navigating relationships is tricky and isn't guaranteed after the show ends. Putting yourself as the central focus is extremely important because, at the end of the day, you may only have yourself. Rather than entering into a relationship, Chubb's main goal was to push forward and advocate for herself, a skill that's useful beyond romantic relationships. This mindset can be used in other social situations between friends, family, and workplaces. 

Though Chubb's relationship with Jesse Bray is over, Chubb is now prepared for anything, including when new love comes around.