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Blue Bloods' Vanessa Ray Discloses What The Cast Talks About Between Dinner Scene Takes

While police procedurals and law enforcement drama series have long been a fount for storytelling on television, "Blue Bloods" still manages to bring a fresh approach to the genre. The CBS series has been around for 13 seasons and has managed to nab itself some impressive talent over the years, including Tom Selleck, Jennifer Esposito, Steve Schirripa, Donnie Wahlberg, and Lorraine Bracco, just to name a few.

"Blue Bloods" follows several generations of the Reagan family, nearly all of whom are in the law enforcement profession. Vanessa Ray joined the cast of "Blue Bloods" in Season 4 as Eddie Janko and eventually joined the Reagan family officially when she married Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) in Season 9.

Since Ray has been on the series for nearly a decade now, she has had plenty of experience on "Blue Bloods." She isn't shy about spilling the beans on some of the behind-the-scenes happenings on the set of the hit CBS series.

Vanessa Ray says that there's plenty of movie talk between scenes

Vanessa Ray sat down with The Nerds of Color to discuss her time on "Blue Bloods," and it wasn't long before the actor shared some of what the cast gets up to in between shooting the well-known Reagan family dinner scenes. When asked about any set details she could share with fans, Ray mentioned that she loves the time she spends with her castmates in between shooting the iconic scenes set around the Reagan dinner table.

"I love in-between takes at the dinner table. We share favorite movie recommendations," Ray said. "Sometimes there are re-enactments of favorite scenes, a lot of 'A Few Good Men' for me and 'The Greatest Showman' from Donnie. I feel a genuine sense of pride when anyone, especially Tom [Selleck], comes back the next week having watched one of my recommendations."

There are probably few things that are more fun for "Blue Bloods" fans to imagine than the actors behind some of their favorite characters on the show just letting loose and doing Jack Nicholson or Hugh Jackman impressions in between scenes. It's also probably a safe bet that many fans would love to know what some of the weekly movie recommendations between the actors are, but, alas, Ray didn't mention any of them. Either way, viewers can catch more of Ray as Eddie Janko-Reagan in the upcoming 14th season of "Blue Bloods."