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Stranger Things Fans Think That Metallica May Be Foreshadowing The Return Of A Fan-Favorite Character

Every season of "Stranger Things" introduces new characters to its main cast, and oftentimes to great affect, given how the likes of Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) and Robin Buckley (Maya Hawke) managed to endear themselves to fans following their introductions in Seasons 2 and 3 respectively. Meanwhile, Season 4 sees the advent of Joseph Quinn as the "Dungeons & Dragons" obsessed hesher Eddie Munson, who quickly rose in fans' estimation thanks to the softness he hides behind his hostile exterior in typical metalhead fashion.

In Eddie's final moments on "Stranger Things," he plays "Master of Puppets," the 1986 Metallica single, on an amplified B.C. Rich Warlock to draw the attention of a colony of bat-like monsters called Demobats. This allows his companions to safely proceed through the Upside Down, but he loses his life soon after to a resultant Demobat attack.

While Metallica may have already long since rested at the top of the heavy metal totem pole by the time of "Stranger Things" Season 4's release, Eddie's performance nevertheless earned the thrash titans a newer, perhaps younger audience. This cultural moment even culminated in Metallica incorporating clips of Eddie Munson into a live performance of "Master of Puppets" during their Lollapalooza 2022 set. Now, Metallica has resurfaced in the "Stranger Things" conversation, becoming the focal point of a fan theory that proposes Eddie will return come Season 5.

Some fans think a possible Metallica reference in a Stranger Things Season 5 episode title indicates Eddie's return

Recent fan theories that Eddie Munson will return in "Stranger Things" Season 5 originate in a November 6 post by the official "Stranger Things" Twitter account revealing that the title of Season 5, Episode 1 is "The Crawl." TikToker relayts connected this title to a lyric in Metallica's "Master of Puppets" that reads, "Come crawling faster / obey your master," suggesting that "The Crawl" motions at Metallica, with whom Eddie is closely associated.

Some fans even think that the latter part of this couplet in particular might hint at the nature of Eddie's return. For instance, in a Reddit thread at least somewhat jokingly proposing Eddie come back such that he becomes similar in appearance to Iron Maiden's zombie mascot — also named Eddie — user Dredka1001 suggested that "Stranger Things" Eddie might become a figurative puppet master himself, commanding an army of otherworldly minions. Meanwhile, in that same thread, user dragongrl floated the possibility that an undead Eddie, rather, will be the puppet and Vecna his master.

Of course, these connections currently remain well within the realm of fan speculation, far from confirmation that Eddie is anything other than fully dead. Nevertheless, the "Stranger Things" team was most likely well aware that sharing the title of Episode 5 would inspire extensive fan speculation, so, while still purely hypothetical, these theories about Eddie's return may ultimately hold some weight.