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Westworld: Chaos Takes Control In Season 2 Poster

Welcome back to Westworld — the park is nearly ready to reopen. 

HBO's hit science-fiction series Westworld is preparing its high-profile return to the airwaves with a new poster for the series' second season being unveiled as part of a viral ad campaign. 

The poster was released when fans were unable to unlock it on the website DiscoverWestworld.com, an alternate reality game-esque promotional site for the series that portrays the park as though it were a real place to visit.

Drawn in hues of blood and chrome, the striking poster says a lot with very little. As far as advertisements go, it's a gorgeous one, and spells pretty intense things for the future of the park's humans and its hosts in season two.

Check out the still one-sheet, and an animated .gif version of it, down below.

From the robotic vulture looming over the bloodstained cap of the Man in Black to the dark red horizon in the distance with an unknown point of prominence, this thing's got dread all over it. If the first season of the show was an unfolding mystery, this looks like the one where things will start to get really dark. This time, the well-ordered machinations of the park will be a thing of the past for real — the rules of the place are breaking down.

The poster heavily implies that the humans are going to completely lose control of Westworld when the series makes its return. We also know that the series is going to venture into the real world, and also visit other parks in the vein of Westworld, such as a feudal Japan-themed samurai/shogun world. How those locales fit into the theme of chaos taking over, we're not quite certain yet. We'll have to wait til the season debuts to find out.

No matter what happens, one thing's clear — this park is getting way too hostile to human life to be fun anymore. Let's just do Disney this year, yeah? 

Westworld returns to HBO for a second season on April 22. While you wait the month out, check out the eerie trailer for the second season now.