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Tell Me Lies Season 2- What We Know So Far

Almost a month after Hulu's "Tell Me Lies" aired its season finale, Hulu gave fans an early gift, posting on Instagram, "Tell Me Lies Season 2 is coming," along with a montage of our favorite characters from the show. Fans of the show, which is focused around the charming and manipulative Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White) and Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten), who, in her obsession with Stephen, becomes equally deceptive as her addiction to him spirals out of control.

Van Patten empathized with Lucy but admitted that watching her fall deeper into the toxicity of her and Stephen's relationship was complicated. "I've lost myself in a situation before where you don't know what feelings are true and coming from your heart or what feelings are coming from the people around you, and it's really hard to see through the fog," she told People.

The ending of "Tell Me Lies" Season 1 saw all the characters eight years in the future — where we started in Episode 1 — celebrating the engagement of Evan (Branden Cook) and Bree (Catherine Missal), as Lucy meets Stephen's fiancée Lydia (Natalee Linez), who happens to be her former best friend. We have so many questions already. Here's what we know so far about Season 2.

What is the release date for Tell Me Lies Season 2?

As of December 21, Hulu hasn't given a release date for Season 2 of "Tell Me Lies." But often, history gives us hints about what the possible timeline could be. The first three seasons were released for Hulu's flagship show "The Handmaid's Tale" with about a year in between. Fans had to wait four years before the release of Season 4, but that was the case for many series because the pandemic put filming on hold until executives found a way for the cast to gather safely.

In the case of Season 1 of "Tell Me Lies," we know Hulu greenlit the show in August 2021. With the first season premiering in September of 2022, it was 13 months from when it was given the go-ahead to when viewers finally watched it on their screen. Hopefully, that means at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024; Season 2 will finally premiere.

What is the plot of Tell Me Lies Season 2?

While nothing concrete has been said about the plot for Season 2 of "Tell Me Lies," showrunner and executive producer Meaghan Oppenheimer has given plenty of hints. Before Season 2 was greenlit, Oppenheimer teased continued college storylines and more, telling Decider, "I have a lot planned — both in the college and adult years. I think getting to see more of Lucy's life as an adult and what her reaction is as Stephen re-enters her life after years will be interesting."

Viewers also want to know about that crazy moment in the Season 1 finale that saw Lucy wake up in bed with Evan. Judging by everyone's actions at the future engagement party, Bree has no idea that her friend once slept with her boyfriend. Oppenheimer felt the scene was essential because Evan was good and upstanding. "Evan was so good all season, and no one's that good all the time," Oppenheimer reasoned about the dramatic and unexpected scene. And, of course, more focus on Lucy's relationships with her friends and repairing some of the damage she's done. "I hope to see many more of the ensemble characters," Oppenheimer told TV Line. "A lot more Bree, a lot more of Evan, a lot more of Pippa and Wrigley."

Who is in the cast of Tell Me Lies Season 2?

While it's possible we'll see some new faces for Season 2, we know, based on comments Meaghan Oppenheimer has made, that we can expect the core cast to return, which means we can expect Grace Van Patten as Lucy and Jackson White as Stephen to return. The supporting characters are also likely to return, with Catherine Missal as Bree, Spencer House as Wrigley, Sonia Mena as Pippa, Branden Cook as Evan, and Alicia Crowder as Diana. Natalee Linez, as Lydia, may not be part of the main cast but will most likely appear at some point since we know she becomes engaged to Stephen in the future.

Many viewers have questions about Drew, who Benjamin Wadsworth plays. His absence from the engagement party and Evan's reasoning that his brother, Wrigley, was upset because Drew's birthday had been the day before had fans worried. "I think they're estranged, and so his birthday is hard for Wrigley," surmised Redditor u/umameroni. While the character isn't in the book, his presence in the series demands answers, and hopefully, Season 2 will see Wadsworth's character return to give them.

Who is showrunning, directing and producing Tell Me Lies Season 2?

Meaghan Oppenheimer is not only the showrunner of "Tell Me Lies," but also wrote both the pilot and finale episodes of Season 1. Emma Roberts is also an executive producer of the show, along with her production company, Belletrist, co-founder Karah Preiss, and Director of Development Matt Matruski. They created Belletrist TV to focus solely on adapting books for TV, and Carola Lovering's "Tell Me Lies" was Belletrist TV's first project with Hulu (via Deadline). Other executive producers of the series include Laura Lewis and Stephanie Noonan for Rebelle Media and Sam Schlaifer for Vice Media's Refinery29. Author Lovering is also listed as a consulting producer.

The 20th Century Fox studio production had several directors for Season 1, including Sam Boyd, Erin Feeley, Ed Lilly, Isabel Sandoval, and Robin Wright. Jonathan Levine, who directed the pilot episode and is also an executive producer of the show, is directing Grace Van Patten in the upcoming Hulu series "Nine Perfect Strangers," co-starring Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, and Michael Shannon. It remains to be seen if any of them will return for Season 2 (via IMDb).