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Emily In Paris' Showrunner Teases The Fallout Of Season 3

Many young people today can relate to juggling a career, friendships, and romantic prospects all at once. "Emily in Paris" takes that idea and transplants them into a Parisian setting while centering on Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), who's tasked with bringing an American perspective to a French marketing firm. Over the course of two seasons, fans have witnessed Emily advance in her career while deciding who she wants to become romantically entangled with. 

The third season of the popular Netflix series debuted on December 21, so people waiting throughout the last year to see what Emily would do next will likely binge-watch the season in a day or two. Much like any great juggling act, Emily had numerous prospects up in the air last time we left her at the end of Season 2, and in case you haven't had the opportunity to watch all of Season 3 yet, showrunner Darren Star teased what's to come in the newest batch of episodes.

Emily in Paris Season 3 will see the consequences of Emily's actions

Emily's actions don't put the whole world in jeopardy like in a superhero show, but when you're young and in love, simply getting into a new relationship feels like it has life-or-death stakes. That's what Emily feels going into Season 3, and it's what Darren Star teased will have a vital impact running throughout the new season. 

In an interview with Forbes, Star summed up the theme of the new season by saying, "It's about the power of making choices and the consequences that follow." When last we left Emily, she had decided to go with Alfie (Lucien Laviscount). However, it's clear there are still feelings present between her and Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), even though Gabriel has decided to be with Camille (Camille Razat) for the time being. 

Star went on to explain how Season 3 represents a natural progression for Emily. If the first season was about her getting used to living in Paris and the second season was about her getting out of her comfort zone, then Season 3 will see her begin to deal with the fallout of getting out of said comfort zone. Emily follows in a rich tradition of strong women written for television, and fans can see what she gets into next by checking out "Emily in Paris" Season 3, now playing on Netflix.