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The Alaskan Bush People Photo That Had Fans Up In Arms

Discovery's somewhat bluntly titled docudrama reality series "Alaskan Bush People" focuses on the unusual lifestyle of the Brown family — a clan of rugged outdoorsmen who have fled into the Alaskan Bush to live off the grid. Much of the series is devoted to the everyday obstacles that the Brown family face as they attempt to live off the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness, which is tough on the best of days, and deadly on the worst of days.

For much of the series, the Brown family is led by the late Billy Brown (a survivalist who certainly looks the part, with a drooping mustache that stretches down his entire chest) and his wife Ami Brown, both of whom seem to have fully embraced the eccentric lifestyle that comes with living off of the Alaskan Bush. Considering the fact that so much of the series itself is driven by the actions of Billy and Ami, it seems unsurprising that Discovery chose to promote "Alaskan Bush People" Season 10 with a picture of the couple posted to the official "Alaskan Bush People" Twitter account.

What is surprising is the sheer amount of fan backlash that this unassuming photo received, as multiple fans responded to this post with an extreme amount of criticism and hate.

Fans used this photo as an opportunity to air their grievances about the show

On August 11, 2019, @AlaskanBushPPL tweeted a photo of Billy and Ami Brown to promote "Alaskan Bush People" Season 10, which was accompanied by the caption "Welcome to Brown Town." The photo itself seems harmless, with the heads of the Brown family standing beside several pine trees and smiling towards the camera — though fans in the comments decided to use this photo as an outlet for their anger towards the series as a whole.

"Seeming more and more like crazytown, sorry," said @Richpartist. "Lol at these losers," wrote @mighty_1984, before going on to ridicule Matt Brown (who does not appear in the photo) alongside his father Billy. Other users took this opportunity to criticize the series as a whole, claiming that the entire show is staged and scripted for the sake of drama. "Browntown is a lie. Everyone knows the Browns rent in town," @mom_sarcastic wrote in part. "Public knowledge they can't build a home on the land either. Stop fabricating the lies. Bunch of Fakes." Another user @audreyringrose echoed, "Their Net Worth is $60 million. Give me a break."

While it's true that there has been some controversy in the past about where these eponymous "Alaskan Bush People" actually live (including one ugly incident in which, according to CNN, Billy was sued for accepting state funds while not even living in Alaska), it seems odd that this tweet would inspire such rage amongst fans of the series. Although it's abundantly clear that fans are sick and tired of the purportedly fake content in "Alaskan Bush People," one has to think there would be a better outlet for that anger than this harmless photograph.