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Where Do The Stars Of Alaskan Bush People Really Live?

Discovery's unceremoniously titled reality series "Alaskan Bush People" is a show which follows the everyday lives of the eccentric Brown family, who purportedly live deep within the Alaskan "Bush" (a nickname for parts of Alaska which are entirely disconnected from roads or conventional means of travel). The series documents the everyday struggles that come with living in the harsh Alaskan wilderness, as well as the Brown family's complete aversion to conventional society.

Throughout the first few seasons, the secluded Brown family (many of whom have nature-themed nicknames like "Bear," "Rain," or "Bird") make it abundantly clear that they are committed to "living off the land" — hunting for all of their own food, allegedly building their own cabin with wood from the surrounding forest, and constantly asserting their hatred for all modern technology. Yet, as the series has gone on, much and more of the series has been proven to be fake or staged for the sake of television ... to the point where, in reality, it appears that the eponymous "Alaskan Bush People" don't even live in the Alaskan Bush at all.

Evidently, the Alaskan Bush People have never actually lived full-time in the wilderness

In 2016, CNN reported that family patriarch Billy Brown and his son Joshua Brown pleaded guilty to fraud charges: having received money from the state while they were not actually residents of Alaska. 

According to the report, the family actually moved away from Alaska in 2009 and returned in 2012, while continually applying for the state's Permanent Fund which is only available to residents. Although the family did return to Alaska to film the series (which began in 2014), their alleged status as "Alaskan Bush People" has also come under scrutiny over the years, as several locals have reported that the family actually just stays in a hotel in Hoonah, Alaska while filming the show (via RadarOnline.com).

In 2017, according to In Touch Weekly, it was reported that the Brown family had temporarily relocated to a mansion in Beverly Hills, further separating themselves from the Alaskan Bush that they allegedly love so much. The final nail on the coffin came in 2018, when the family left Alaska once and for all and moved to a ranch in Washington state — where the later seasons of the show were filmed, all while holding on to the inaccurate title of "Alaskan Bush People" (via The Sun). All told, there is an absolutely staggering amount of evidence which shows that the Brown family never actually lived in the Alaskan Bush full time, and as of today, they don't even live in Alaska at all.