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Amir Wilson Wants To Share Scenes With James McAvoy On His Dark Materials - Exclusive

As TV shows come to an end, it's difficult not to daydream about all of the storylines that could have been during a series' run. Fans are certainly familiar with this concept, but actors feel this more than anyone — especially when they haven't had a chance to work with all of their co-stars.

Though "His Dark Materials" is now in its final season, there's one co-star that Amir Wilson (who plays Will Parry) still wanted to work with during the series. And when you have an iconic actor like James McAvoy on your TV show, it's no surprise that working with him would be on the bucket list of every cast member.

"His Dark Materials" invited Looper to the New York Comic Con press room, where we exclusively spoke to Wilson. The actor discussed why he wanted to work with McAvoy and what storyline he'd have liked to see the two characters take part in during the show's run.

Wilson's dream scene partner

When we asked him whether there were any actors on the show — past or present — that he hadn't shared a scene with and wished he did, Amir Wilson had one name that immediately came to mind. Wilson explained, "I never got to work with James [McAvoy], and my dad's dying wish is that I take this knife to Lord Asriel." That's a pretty significant family grudge for a young character, and it's a storyline that would be gratifying to see play out on screen — even if it was just a failed attempt at seeking justice.

Wilson continued the sentiment, adding, "It's a big factor, and it's [a] driving factor throughout the whole series. But I haven't actually worked with James. I've only met him, so work[ing] with him would've been cool. I'm a big fan of his work." While that's sad news for any fans who might've been hoping to see him encounter Lord Asriel on the show, there are still several episodes left in the final season — hopefully, ones that find another way to tie up these characters' arcs in a satisfying end.

"His Dark Materials" airs Mondays on HBO and HBO Max.