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Why Alberta From Ghosts Looks So Familiar

Those who haven't tuned into the CBS sitcom "Ghosts" yet are missing out on a good time. A remake of the British comedy of the same name, the show follows couple Samantha and Jay as they set about fixing up the grand old house they're inherited, hoping to turn it into a bed and breakfast. The trouble is that, not only is the place run down but it's also haunted. After surviving a near-death experience, Samantha finds herself suddenly able to see the ghosts who inhabit the home. The fact that she can see the spirits and Jay cannot leads to a lot of humorous moments, with the ghost characters proving to be an interesting bunch.

There's Flower, the happy-go-lucky hippie, Pete Martino, the loveable Pinecone Trooper leader who always has an arrow through his neck, and Captain Isaac Higgintoot, a forgotten American revolutionary hero. Someone who always summons the laughs is Alberta Haynes, a funny, loveable character. In life, she was a jazz artist during the days of Prohibition. "A wonderful singer," is how a visiting historian describes her. "Tell us something we don't know!" she says back, obviously pleased.

Between her comedic lines and her overall fun personality, audiences might feel like she's familiar to them. Alberta is portrayed by Danielle Pinnock, who was making people laugh long before her stint as a dead jazz singer. Here's where you might recognize her from.

She's Sheldon Cooper's math teacher

Fans of "Young Sheldon," a spin-off of "The Big Bang Theory" that chronicles the early days of Sheldon Cooper, will definitely be aware of Danielle Pinnock. The actor plays Ms. Ingram, Sheldon's sassy math teacher. She's always just trying to do her job, and that can be tricky when Sheldon the boy genius is involved, ready to pick apart every equation she writes on her chalkboard.

During an episode in which Sheldon cuts his classes to teach himself in a broom closet, Ms. Ingram and the other teachers are delighted he's gone. George Cooper, Sheldon's father, asks Ms. Ingram if she's seen him, to which she responds: "I might've seen him in the library. But at this point, I sometimes think I see him when I'm alone at my house." Audiences also giggled in another episode when the house next door to Sheldon goes on sale and he sets out to find a buyer he approves of. This includes his teachers, and Ms. Ingram's response is nothing short of hilarious: "I'm sorry... why would I want to live next door to you?"

While it seems that Ms. Ingram can't stand Sheldon sometimes, she expresses sadness about him leaving school and admits that she'll miss having to study every night to keep up with him.

She played Nadine in Dollface

In 2017 and 2019, Danielle Pinnock appeared in the sitcoms "Dollface" and "Workaholics." Those who loved the shenanigans of friends-turned-housemates-turned-co-workers in "Workaholics" might remember Danielle Pinnock in the final episode of the series, "Party Gawds." The episode follows Blake, Adam, and Anders being paid by an energy drink company to throw raging parties. Pinnock plays the hairdresser character in the episode.

Fans of "Dollface" may remember Pinnock's character Nadine, a guest in the very first episode of the series. The show follows Jules, who, after being dumped, realizes that she's spent too much time with her boyfriend during their relationship and doesn't have any friends as a result. The series details her character's attempts to reconcile with her friends, to be a better friend, and to learn how to be independent following the end of her five-year relationship.

Pinnock's Nadine has a brief but funny exchange with Jules, telling her that her personal relationships have "expired." When Jules reaches forward, trying to see her computer screen as proof, she adds, "Don't touch my property." Pinnock actually appeared in the show's trailer, a preview of the hilarity that was to come.

She's been on A Black Lady Sketch Show

Danielle Pinnock joined the cast of "A Black Lady Sketch Show" in 2021, debuting in a sketch in which her and Ashley Nicole Black's characters are at a housewarming party wearing the same colorful jumpsuit. Black's Crystal tells another party guest that her outfit is vintage, and Pinnock's character Halle disputes that quickly. "Guess I'm not the only one... Twinsies!" she says, much to Crystal's dismay.

While the interactions between the pair are funny, the sketch called attention to the disparity of clothing sizes available. There is a lack of cute items for those who need larger sizes, which is the reason Crystal and Halle have ended up matching. Soya, who the episode is named after ("Way to Ruin the Party, Soya"), is a smaller woman who tries to take advantage of the same design but in a larger size, showing how smaller women don't understand the frustration that comes with shopping and being left with a decreased number of styles available.

Danielle Pinnock has proven herself to be an adept comedic actor, but she has some dramatic chops, too. In 2021, she appeared in "The Undertaker's Wife," a thriller about a grieving couple who move into a former funeral home. Other recent credits include the comedy-drama "Tell It Like a Woman" and the sci-fi podcast series "Solar."