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Montana Jordan Wishes He Could Forget Stuffing His Face With Tater Tots While Filming Young Sheldon

As we grow up, there tend to be moments we wish we could forget, whether embarrassing, awkward, or just absolutely trauma-inducing. Beloved "Young Sheldon" character Georgie Cooper and Montana Jordan, the actor behind him, are no different. Jordan has a moment he wishes he could forget, and it comes from working on set.

Since 2017, Jordan has played the lovable older brother of brainiac and fan-favorite Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage), whom audiences have watched grow from an insecure teenager to a young man (he'll be 18 in March!) with a baby on the way. He's certainly come a long way from the boy we meet in the very first episode of "Young Sheldon," which is exactly where his least favorite moment comes from.

While the start of a new school year can make anyone nervous, it's extra stressful for the Cooper family. Mary (Zoe Perry) is admittedly worried most about Sheldon, who at 9 years old is going to be a ninth grader. She and George Cooper Sr. (Lance Barber) are also worried about how Georgie, their oldest, will fare with his younger brother in the same grade. And it turns out they were right to do so.

"Hey, look, it's the dumb brother," a teammate teases before Georgie starts beating him up in retaliation. Georgie even considers giving up his football career before his father stops him. At least at the end of the day, Georgie can indulge in some tater tots, which he was sad about not getting the night before. Interestingly enough, though, Jordan doesn't feel the same way.

An introduction to Georgie

In an interview with Serienjunkies, Montana Jordan was asked if he has a favorite moment from Season 1. Instead, he presented a scene he wishes he could forget. The scene in question? The one with the tater tots. "It was fun, but at the same time, it wasn't fun," he said, reflecting on what was probably heaven for young Georgie.

Sure, it might feel gross to even think about that scene, enough for your stomach to turn out of sympathy. Who knows how many times poor Jordan had to stuff his face over and over until the directors were satisfied? It's safe to say Jordan probably doesn't order a side of tater tots anymore, even if his "Young Sheldon" counterpart, Georgie, loves them.

In a separate interview with CBS, Jordan reflected, "When I look back at the first season, I personally cannot watch the first season because I don't like seeing my 13-year-old self." But no matter how Jordan feels, we'll always love Georgie.