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Deadliest Catch's Jake Anderson Wrote The Sweetest Message To His Wife When They First Met

Everyone has their meet-cutes. Walking down the street you bump into the love of your life completely by accident, and everything each of you is holding flies everywhere. As you help each other recover everything, you talk until you look up into their eyes, speechless. Or perhaps you happen to keep seeing the same stranger — and if this isn't a stalker situation — it's a wonderful coincidence. Love at first sight, or maybe interest at first sight.

Captain Jake Anderson from "Deadliest Catch" has been married to his wife Jenna since 2012. Together, they share three boys and an amazing life full of laughter, love, and plenty of family time. While Anderson has had his struggles with alcohol addiction and suffered a personal tragedy with the loss of his sister and then father successively, he now has a wonderful support system in this close-knit family.

The love story between Jake and Jenna was a courtship for three years, followed by their marriage. But how on earth did they meet? And what set the spark?

A sweet note set the spark

Captain Jake Anderson and Jenna met each other at a festival in Seattle in Ballard — a nearby neighborhood. Anderson was not out enjoying the festivities; instead, he was working diligently on shipyard duty. That didn't stop fans from coming up to him to request autographs. Among those hordes of fans was his future bride, Jenna.

"Her family had jumped off the boat to come and get autographs from us," Anderson recalled, per TV Screener (via Heavy Entertainment). "I autographed [to her] 'You're beautiful'"

While Anderson put that note out there, the pair can truly thank Jenna's nieces, who encouraged her to go back and give Anderson her phone number. After a few phone calls back and forth, the rest was history and they've been together ever since. Anderson was staying on the boat at that time, trying to save money and keep himself out of trouble. One of his small pleasures was his phone calls with Jenna, and now he continues to enjoy a whole life with her.

Their love story is one that encourages others to take risks. After all, you never know what might happen. Life is short, and the future is big and full of possibilities. It's better to take a chance than to be stuck never knowing. Captain Jake Anderson did, and now he and Jenna have a life full of happiness ahead.