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Babylon's Margot Robbie Gave Her Costar Diego Calva Real Injuries During A Fight Scene

Damien Chazelle is transporting audiences back to the so-called "golden age" of Hollywood with "Babylon." 

With an Oscar for Best Director under his belt, Chazelle stands out as one of the most prolific creatives working today. His leverage has made him magnetic for some of Hollywood's prominent talents. Take a look at "Babylon's" cast and you'll find heavy-hitters after heavy-hitters. Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, Tobey Maguire, Jean Smart, and Samara Weaving are just some of the talent who are headlining Chazelle's latest.

While plot details are slim on how "Babylon" will unfold, a lot has been said about the film's chaos and debauchery. While speaking with Vanity Fair, Robbie opened up about how exciting "Babylon's" mayhem is. "What you see onscreen is the chaos of making a movie and how [expletive] it is, but also how it's just the greatest thing ever," Robbie told the outlet. The "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" actress had similar things to say about the filming process. "And, literally, filming it was the exact same thing. [Filming] was so unhinged and so fun and amazing and just absurd."

What was so fun, amazing, absurd, and chaotic about filming "Babylon"? Robbie has shed light on some of the antics she got up to on set, with one higlight involving giving costar Diego Calva real life injuries.

Margot Robbie injured Diego Calva's ribs

While speaking with Margot Robbie for Variety's "Actors on Actors" segment, Carey Mulligan praised the star's chemistry with Diego Calva in "Babylon," saying she adored their love story. Robbie stars as Nellie LaRoy in "Babylon," an aspiring actress who crosses paths with Manny Torress (Calva), a film assistant. "The Wolf of Wall Street" actress highlighted how she instantly connected with Calva over their initial chemistry reads on Zoom. She added how their connection allowed them to grow trustful with one another.

The conversation shifted to the chaotic nature of "Babylon" and how several moments from the film were cut — with Robbie joking how the final product is over three hours long. A key moment that didn't make it into the final cut was a fight between Nellie and Manny. It turns out that Robbie actually injured her costar during production, telling Mulligan that she broke or fractured one of Calva's ribs. "We got so into the fight! And his head was bleeding because I threw something at him," Robbie said. The Harley Quinn actress continued by saying she and Calva maintain a trustful relationship with one another and implore one another to push a scene to its limits. "He's an actor like me where I'm like, 'go for it. Do everything, do anything. Push me, shove me, whatever,'" Robbie added.

"And I didn't know his head was bleeding ... And he didn't tell me until the movie was over that I fractured his ribs in that scene," Robbie added. "This movie 'Babylon' is just populated by insane characters."

"Babylon" hits cinemas on December 23.