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Looper Unearths Which CSI Couple Fans Really Can't Stand - Exclusive Survey

When they're not investigating grisly murders and other heinous crimes, the "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" team manages to make a little bit of time for affairs of the heart. Between 15 seasons worth of content from the original series, as well as the epilogue seasons that have come in the form of the sequel show "CSI: Vegas," fans have gotten to see each beloved "CSI" character grow in both their personal and interpersonal lives, with many embarking on some absolutely aww-inspiring relationships.

But while there's a lot of different "CSI" couples to parse through for heartwarming content, that doesn't necessarily mean that every intimate connection between two characters has been a hit with fans. Looper conducted an exclusive survey among hundreds of "CSI" fans to find which couple on the show they like the least, and one particular pairing stood above the rest for being exceptionally unpopular among the series' community.

Fans don't like Grissom and Lady Heather together

Looper conducted a poll asking 600 fans who their least favorite romantic couple on "CSI" is. The pairing of series lead Gil Grissom (William Petersen) and dominatrix Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke) took the top spot, garnering 23.33 percent of the overall vote. Additionally, the relationship between investigator Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) and Hank Peddigrew (Christopher Wiehl) placed second with 19.83 percent of the vote, while Grissom and ex-detective Sofia Curtis (Louise Lombard) managed third with 18.33 percent.

It's not too shocking that Grissom's fling with Lady Heather would rank so low among fans, as both the dynamic and Heather herself are divisive series elements. "It doesn't make her any more likeable when she antagonizes Sara Sidle by throwing her affair with Gil in her face," u/chicken8cheese commented on the r/csi subreddit. "And the way Gil bends over backwards every time to help her is annoying, even when she was literally caught kidnapping and assaulting a man."

Notably, the three least popular couples all feature Grissom or Sidle. Considering that these two leads end up together and many fans consider them to be the best couple from "CSI," it makes sense why their romances with other characters might be less popular. For those that wanted Grissom and Sidle together, characters like Lady Heather or Hank may have appeared more like obstacles than legitimate partners. Regardless, fans can take solace in the fact that none of these unpopular "CSI" relationships worked out.