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The CSI Couple You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" hit the air in 2000 and has inspired countless spin-offs and similar series in the years since, making it a cultural touchstone for its fans. Looking back at the early seasons of "CSI," it's true that a lot changed over its many years on the air (including major cast members leaving or returning), but much of the classic format that would define the series was there in those first episodes. The forensics team comes in to investigate an often-brutal murder, navigating the horror of their jobs with gallows humor, and often by the end of the episode, the mystery has come together and resolved so that the victims and their families can rest.

Yet, perhaps more than any other element of the show, it's the characters and their interactions that make "CSI" the massive success that it has remained all these many years. From the stalwart central protagonists like Grissom and Catherine to the larger supporting cast, guest stars, and even the murder victims, it's the people that make "CSI" click. Over time, many relationships, friendships, and love affairs have graced our screens, and each of them brought new elements of familiar characters to the forefront, allowing us to see old favorites in an exciting new light. Among "CSI" fans, everyone has a favorite dynamic, be it Finlay and Russell's friendship or Grissom and Sara's endgame vibes. Which main series "CSI" relationship most suits your personality? Let's consult the stars to find out.

Aries - Catherine Willows and Louis Vartann

It's no surprise that a Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) relationship would land in Aries, seeing as we have our suspicions that Catherine Willows is an Aries. Naturally, this is primarily due to her no-nonsense, honest, hardworking approach to her work. But like most Aries, the what-you-see-is-what-you-get outer shell can sometimes belie a sensitive and deeply caring core. The best Aries are spurred by a desire to bring justice to an unjust world, and that's Willows to a T. Meanwhile, Vartann (Alex Carter) was a relatively minor character who didn't quite have his time to shine, but was known for making interesting observations and being just as dedicated to his job as a Las Vegas detective as Willows was to hers with the CSI team.

This romance has all the makings of an Aries love affair. The two are brought together by their mutual interest in their work, which tends to rank at the very top of an Aries' list of "things that matter." They are elusive about the sparks flying, not confirming nor denying their passionate, mostly behind-the-scenes romance. What we do see of it on the screen is passionate and full of physical chemistry, but when Vartann suggests that they move in together, Willows balks, noting that things are moving a bit too fast. The relationship fizzles out when her work takes her elsewhere, showing a lack of long-term commitment after the immediate sexual attraction. Aries, this one's for you.

Taurus - Catherine Willows and Conrad Ecklie

While this is not a romantic relationship and neither Ecklie (Marc Vann) nor Willows particularly strike us as Taurus-like, their highly functional and surprisingly supportive dynamic is what marks this relationship as a Taurus through and through. While Ecklie and Grissom regularly fought over Grissom's team loyalty, which Ecklie viewed as favoritism, he and Willows had a much more easy-going work relationship, built on a more solid foundation. While Grissom saw Ecklie as an obstacle to overcome, Willows saw the benefit of working with him, and they became one of the most functional and overall mutually respectful team-ups in "CSI" history, while not losing the surprisingly-playful edge of their interactions.

This isn't to say there were hardships in their working relationship, but even when Willows found that Ecklie was overstepping or failing to see the big picture, the two were able to talk it out and come to an understanding. This focus on the growth of both parties over individual success from two generally self-propelled and ambitious characters was nothing short of impressive. Stubborn, full of fight, but willing to work together to find common ground, this was the most Taurean of all the "CSI" relationships in no small part due to its firm moral core and a desire from both Willows and Ecklie to put their heads down and get things done, focusing on results over advancement but not shying away from the fruits of their labor, either.

Gemini - Gil Grissom and Sofia Curtis

Though he later settled down a bit and came to be a bit more thoughtful in his bedside manner, in the early days, Grissom (William Petersen) was known for his off-beat humor, leadership skills, and occasional social awkwardness. He was also known to be quite a flirt, but one person who had him beaten by a mile was the witty and whip-smart Sofia Curtis (Louise Lombard). When they are matched to work together on a case, Sofia shows herself to be a versatile and observant character. She is immediately intrigued by Grissom's bizarre one-liners and intuition at the crime scene.

What could have been a one-off flirtation grew into something more as the pair ultimately went to dinner together, but the relationship remained platonic due to the tension it caused with the team and a number of chaotic circumstances in both of their lives. Geminis are known for their wit and are often defined by their airy banter, but any astrologer will tell you that when you're looking at the twin sign, there's a much more serious and sensitive underside that they prefer to keep hidden. With Sofia and Grissom, their relationship ran the gamut from flirtatious fun to potentially career-ending hardship in a very short period of time, without ever seeing much in the way of commitment from either side. Despite this, warm feelings persisted, making this dynamic a quintessential Gemini.

Cancer - Catherine Willows and Warrick Brown

Another relationship that was hinted at but never quite came to fruition, Willows and Brown (Gary Dourdan) made an excellent duo in the field and in the lab, but their teased attraction remained a bit too emotional and uncertain to see fulfillment. Both former addicts who turned their lives around and found new, healthier pursuits, these two understood each other on a level that the rest of the team couldn't quite grasp. Each was capable of a wide array of interests and juggling several emotionally demanding jobs at once. But above all, their compassion for each other's experiences seemed limitless, making for one of the underrated ships of "CSI."

Cancers are perhaps best known for moodiness, passion, and loyalty, and this team-up showed all of those qualities in abundance. As fans will know, Brown ultimately married in what felt to many to be a fast and surprising move, and Willows briefly struggled with it. Using quips to shield the genuine hurt she felt is a classic Cancerian move, and Brown seemed to understand, despite her slightly unprofessional rudeness. Brown ultimately died tragically young, and Willows was devastated at the loss, showing that whatever tumult they experienced was only a blip on the radar in an overall loving friendship that briefly might have become something more. With all the pieces for a tragic unrequited love in place, this relationship was among the show's most Cancerian.

Leo - David Hodges and Wendy Simms

With a wide array of adorable ship names including Hondy, Wedges, and Dandy, this is the kind of tumultuous working relationship-turning love affair that could have been endgame if the call of duty hadn't carried Simms (Liz Vassey) away and left Hodges (Wallace Langham) to find his OTP with his equally great wife, Emma. However, the charming will-they won't-they of Wedges remains a "CSI" highlight all these years later due to its clumsy, awkward, and somehow-still adorable vibes. With two larger-than-life personalities at its center, this relationship couldn't be anything but a Leo. Indeed, much of the hold-up to their relationship getting off the ground revolved around neither of them being quite able to get over themselves — a classic sign of a Leo in love.

Leos are known for being at the center of the spotlight at all times. While Hodges and Simms both individually had levels of charisma that marked them as definite fan favorites before their flirtation began in earnest, together, they became a star relationship for the series. Though they both constantly teased one another for their shortcomings, there was a basis of respect between the two even at the beginning that made them irresistible. Much like Leos, this relationship isn't always the most mature, and each of them acts out in humorous ways to get one another's attention at various times. But the undercurrent of devotion shows the very best of the Zodiac's lion.

Virgo - Sara Sidle and Hank Peddigrew

Though Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) is perhaps best defined through her hopeless bedside manner and studious nature, "CSI" fans have long found this stalwart of the series among its most endearing characters. While there's little denying the endgame qualities of her love affair with Grissom, Sidle spent many seasons awkwardly pining after her mentor-turned-lover, which left her evenings open more often than not, as Gil slowly but surely got his life together in a way that made him the perfect partner for her. In the meantime, one of her temporary loves was the EMT, Hank Peddigrew (Christopher Wiehl).

Virgos are known for their perfectionist tendencies, but that need for structure and order often belies a desire to connect with someone that they can feel safe with. Peddigrew was ultimately very much not that guy, but their interest in one another marked all the best qualities of a Virgo. Though Sidle was wary of Peddigrew's affections due to her own tumultuous and even tragic backstory, she took a chance on him, and it seemed that the two had a relationship that could have gone somewhere. That is until Sidle learned that her guy had been seeing someone else without telling her. Despite his attempts to make amends, once a Virgo has been disappointed on that level, reconciliation isn't easy, and the pair wasn't strong enough to withstand the pressure.

Libra - Greg Sanders and Morgan Brody

Sporting their very own section in the fan fiction hub, Archive of Our Own, this ship can be filed under Grody or Morganders depending on your preference. Greg (Eric Szmanda) is one of the most consistent "CSI" cast members, appearing in nearly every episode all the way into the 15th season with only a few exceptions. At first, defined by his "loud" clothing style and a penchant for the horror-tinged, as time went on he matured significantly, showing more confidence and toning down his appearance. Still, his optimism and sense of excitement stayed with him all the way to the end of the series. While Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) spent a lot less time on the show, she had a similarly offbeat character and a sincere desire to do the right thing, even if it meant disobeying orders.

Defined in no small part by the sense of comradery between Morgan and Greg, the shy and occasionally awkward flirtation remains one of the series' most charming. Though fans have speculated that there is vague confirmation that Morgan has moved on by the end of the series, she and Greg nonetheless greet each other with warmth, indicating a bond that could easily survive the trials and tribulations of lost love. Libras are the Zodiac's biggest proponents of love and all its wonders, and this relationship exhibits all the best signs of it, regardless of whether or not it was meant to be in the end.

Scorpio - Warrick Brown and Nick Stokes

Even in the earliest episodes of "CSI," the friendship between Stokes (George Eads) and Brown was clearly going to be one for the books. Despite the upsetting nature of their work, the two helped keep each other in good spirits by playing guessing games and taking small bets, showing a healthy manifestation of Brown's gambling tendencies and keeping things flowing in the lab. When Brown was murdered in the 8th season, we saw Stokes at his very worst, driven to take revenge, even if it meant breaking the law. Though the moralistic Stokes was able to control his feelings of anger in the end, that tempestuous emotional core showed that this friendship contained multitudes that others may not have always understood.

Nick Stokes was a series stalwart from the first episode to the last, making him one of the show's most consistent characters. Brown was his charismatic counterpart who sadly left the show much too soon. However, the dynamic between them showed the two at their very best, with a natural ease that allowed them to buoy one another through even the grimmest cases they encountered. Scorpios are known for moodiness, passion, and a mysterious nature that defies easy explanation, which sums up the dynamic between these two to a T. That sense of facing down darkness only to emerge more or less intact shows the resilient Scorpio spirit in full, and the show was all the better for it.

Sagittarius - Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows

Nicknamed Grillows by shippers, this working relationship never became canonically romantic, but it remains one of the oldest and most foundational dynamics in "CSI" history. Often referred to as the yin and yang of the series, each of these characters represents different, complementary strengths. Willows is more present in public-facing dealings and is able to navigate many realms of her position with ease, using the bedrock of experience to inform her actions. Meanwhile, Grissom is more intuition-based, taking on the status of a more withdrawn observer, holding back to complete his observations before making a move in either direction. The quest for the truth is what ties them together, and that's what marks this duo as Sagittarius.

This dynamic is characterized by a sometimes-flirtatious nature, loyalty, and interdependence as both parties fully rely on the other. Even when they've had minor conflicts, there's no denying that these two could count on each other in any circumstance, and the casual appreciation of each other's personalities, while not attempting to enforce a larger agenda on each other, is a key Sagittarius strength. The sign is known for its need for independence, and the generally hands-off approach these two take with one another represents a desire to neither be told nor have to tell. Both struggle with authority at various times, but neither backs down from a challenge even as the going gets rough, this could-have-been-a-romance is a definite Sagittarius.

Capricorn - D.B. Russell and Barbara Russell

When it came time for the fan favorite Gil Grissom to leave the series, "CSI" hit gold with replacement D.B. Russell (Ted Danson). Though markedly different in character and approach than that prior protagonist, the franchise needed an equally-strong personality to carry fans through, and Russell was able to pull it off. With confidence to spare and a complete unwillingness to back down when he knows he's right, Russell is a pretty strong contender for having serious Capricorn placements in his chart. Nowhere is that more evident than in his marriage to Barbara (Peri Gilpin), which was highly supportive, but ultimately came to an end when neither could continue to compromise.

After his partner Finlay lost her life, Russell was a changed man, and sadly, his marriage was not able to recover. Barbara went to Seattle with their daughter, and only the daughter returned, indicating that the long-time couple was at the very least taking a break. By the time of the follow-up "CSI: Cyber," the two have gone through a divorce. Setting standards and maintaining them regardless of how emotionally difficult it might be is a true Capricorn strength, and though we have a lot of fondness for this relationship, we're also glad that Barbara is taking care of herself. This relationship might not have stood the test of time, but years of marriage and a relatively amicable split are nothing to scoff at.

Aquarius - Gil Grissom and Lady Heather

Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke) is one of the most beloved recurring guest stars of the "CSI" franchise, appearing first as the owner and operator of a Vegas fetish club who is questioned when there is a murder on the grounds. As she and Grissom spend more and more time together, they discover a shared viewpoint as they both strongly rely on scientific and intellectual classifications to understand emotion-based feelings of sexuality and anger. By the final episodes of the series, Grissom stands by Lady Heather when her circumstances get beyond dire as she's accused of orchestrating a bombing. Grissom emphasizes her willingness to turn herself in and asked his former team to take it easy on her.

In her enigmatic way, she does manage to help them get to the bottom of things. This culminates in a heart-to-heart with Grissom, who confesses that his romantic interest in her was great but that the best gift she gave him was helping him to understand that the person he truly wants to be with is Sara Sidle. This appears to please Lady Heather, showing a deep sense of friendship between the two. Aquarians are well-known as the water-bearers of the Zodiac, a sign specifically well-suited to offering assistance to others in time of need without requiring much in return. The quirky dynamic, tumultuous circumstances, and ultimately quite-caring attitude at the root of this relationship all combine to create a true Aquarius.

Pisces - Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle

Throughout his run on "CSI," Gil Grissom saw a lot of terrible things, and that occasionally made him unable to connect with others on an emotional level. Sidle, likewise, felt often burdened by the demands of their work. This made it difficult for the two to make it work long-term, and the course of the series saw several starts and stops in their love. However, their need for one another ultimately overcame its many obstacles, and the last episodes of the series saw Grissom choose a life with Sara, regardless of any hardship that might arise along the way. That sense of love without limitations is what defines this pairing as a Pisces.

Though the early days saw these two interacting in more of a mentorship capacity, things changed as they each matured in their personal lives. With each of them acknowledging how much inner work they had to do in order to make a sustainable match, their love is at its best when it shows them giving in to a higher power that neither of them can quite fit into a descriptive box. Both the products of troubled childhoods, the level of healing that their relationship represents is nothing short of inspirational, making it easy to see why this is easily one of the show's fan favorite couples. Pulling in the emotional aspects of a Pisces to these two intellect-driven former co-workers is what makes them such an irresistible match.