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Colin Donnell Is Satisfied With Dr. Connor Rhodes' Exit From Chicago Med

Though it was officially the third series developed for NBC's wildly successful "One Chicago" universe, "Chicago Med" surely ranks number 1 in the hearts of many fans who've taken to following the franchise. The beloved medical drama made its debut in 2015, and 150 episodes later, continues to rank among the most consistently thrilling and frequently moving series in the primetime landscape. Almost miraculously, now well into its eighth season on the air, "Chicago Med" also continues to front many of the original cast members from the pilot episode. 

As the seasons have continued to pile up for the "One Chicago" hit, there have naturally been some notable departures from its lauded ensemble cast. Perhaps one of the biggest came during the show's Season 5 premiere when Colin Donnell opted to bid the series adieu. Donnell, of course, portrayed the lovingly roguish, incredibly talented, and astoundingly wealthy Dr. Connor Rhodes. He helped make Dr. Rhodes a bit of a fan-favorite character, if not the series' bonafide heartthrob.

But as any fan of "Chicago Med" can attest, Dr. Rhodes' series exit was one of the more unexpected and legitimately heartbreaking in the show's history. Nonetheless, Donnell claims he's pretty satisfied with how it went down.     

Donnell felt the Chicago Med writing team made all the right calls for Dr. Rhodes' exit

As a brief and spoiler-y refresher, Dr. Connor Rhodes' "Chicago Med" exit came after his former lover, Dr. Ava Bekker (Norma Kuhling), murdered his father in a desperate attempt to win him back. That twisted narrative took a more shocking turn when Ava ended her life as he watched helplessly after being discovered. After those tragic events, the good doctor understandably needed a change of scenery.

In a recent interview with TV Line, Colin Donnell was asked about his head-spinning series exit, and the current "Irreverent" star admitted he was pretty pleased with how it all played out. "I thought it was a bold ending," Donnell said, later adding, "I think him leaving on his terms and sort of deciding for himself was a big step and taking some ownership over his life." Donnell goes on to add he felt the "Chicago Med" creative team did an excellent job paying off that bit of Connor's arc on the show, with the actor noting, "His focus was to take care of himself at the time and to do that, he needed to take off."

It was undoubtedly challenging for "Chicago Med" fans to say goodbye to Dr. Rhodes in such an emotionally bruising fashion. But few could argue the character's harrowing series exit wasn't worthy of his legacy. As that clearly includes Colin Donnell himself, even fewer should.  

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