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Wednesday Bloopers That Make Us Love The Cast Even More

It's been an awesome month for Tim Burton's "Wednesday," with the show reportedly smashing streaming records (via Deadline) and stealing the hearts of both critics and Netflix users. But now, for many people, it's time to welcome the always terrible post-show blues. As a way to deal with them, Netflix has decided to toss "Wednesday" fans and users a bone in the form of a blooper reel, which is somehow making viewers love the cast even more.

"Jenna Ortega breaking character is by far my favorite thing this week," wrote Netflix's social media team in a December 8 tweet, which featured a clip from the blooper reel. On December 11, the streaming giant chose to post the whole thing. "Enjoy the FULL Wednesday blooper reel," the Netflix team tweeted, adding: "You're welcome."

After the first season of "Wednesday," one of the main things that viewers have been applauding is Ortega's deliciously deadpan delivery. So seeing her in a more comedic light during the blooper reel has been a real treat for fans — who have noticed something extra funny about the "X" and "Scream" star.

Jenna Ortega was a total sweetheart and goofball between 'Wednesday' takes

Right off the bat, when viewing the Netflix blooper reel, it's easy to see just how much fun the "Wednesday" cast was having on-set, especially when you watch Jenna Ortega goofing off and breaking character so often.

"It's hilarious seeing Jenna smile while dressed as Wednesday, since Wednesday rarely ever cracks a grin!" wrote Trina Q on YouTube, prompting over 6,000 likes. "She smiled more in the bloopers than in the entire show," said another user.

One common occurrence that comes up repeatedly in the blooper reel is the constant flyovers of planes while the cast is shooting. During one scene, Ortega hears a plane and begins making funny noises at it. "Sometimes if you growl at it hard enough, it'll go away," she says, adding: "I try that on people — works every time."

Now, while all the Wednesday Addams and Ortega stuff is fun to watch, it's actually not the most talked-about moment from the "Wednesday" blooper reel so far. That award, without a doubt, goes to the flashlight toss heard 'round the world...

'Did I hit you in the face right now?!'

Toward the end of the "Wednesday" blooper reel, fans are treated to a hilarious on-screen gaffe that involves Jenna Ortega tossing a flashlight directly into the face of Emma Myers, who plays Wednesday's Nevermore Academy roommate (and werewolf) Enid Sinclair. "Oh, sorry!" Ortega says, laughing. "Did I hit you in the face right now?!"

It's a moment that fans can't get enough of. YouTube user Attixis, in a comment that's received over 11,000 likes, wrote: "Jenna hitting Emma with a flashlight will live in my head rent free for the rest of my life." The user added: "It's funny how Wednesday didn't care that Enid could get disembodied by a monster, but as soon as Jenna accidentally hits Emma she IMMEDIATELY apologizing and makes sure she's okay."

Season 2 of "Wednesday" has yet to be announced, but it's obvious that Ortega and most of the cast would likely return once it does. For the follow-up, Ortega has said that she wants to see a darker version of Wednesday who doesn't "play things so safe." She told Entertainment Tonight in early December: "There's a lot of lines in this [season] about her saving the school and doing whatever but for me, her main drive with the monster was kind of a competitiveness."

In addition to its first record-breaking week in November, "Wednesday" also managed to become the first English-language series to surpass 400 million hours' worth of viewing time in a single week between November 28 and December 4. It's now the third overall most-watched English-language Netflix series of all time.