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Disney+ Is Bringing Fans A Witch Mountain Series With Bryce Dallas Howard At The Helm

Disney+ has put out some amazing shows in 2022, and the streaming service shows little signs of slowing down, as it most assuredly looks to continue to add to its stellar lineup of originals in the future, including rebooting the "Witch Mountain" franchise for the small screen. Even better, Bryce Dallas Howard was chosen to lead the exciting endeavor.

The actress, known for her work in the successful "Jurassic World" franchise, has been a significant player in the realm of cinema, lending her talents to several movies over the course of her career, with some truly exceptional standouts that include "Spider-Man 3," "The Village," "The Help," and "Lady in the Water." In addition to entertaining viewers every time she enters the frame, Bryce Dallas Howard is also a director, having done the Apple TV+ documentary "Dads" and episodes of the Disney+ shows "The Book of Boba Fett" and "The Mandalorian." But when it comes to being in front of the camera on the small screen, Bryce Dallas Howard only possesses a few credits, with the most notable being the Emmy-nominated "Black Mirror" episode "Nosedive," which also has an impressive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But that is about to change, thanks to Disney+.

It's no secret that the House of Mouse's streaming service likes to bet big on nostalgia and is never afraid to reignite a beloved franchise. Shows like "The Santa Clauses" and "Willow" are some outstanding examples of classics returning to the fold, and its next reboot attempt will be with Bryce Dallas Howard as its star.

Bryce Dallas Howard will hopefully lead audiences back to Witch Mountain

For those that don't know, the "Witch Mountain" franchise started in 1975 with the film "Escape to Witch Mountain," which was about two orphans with psychic powers who turn out to be aliens. Two sequels followed with the theatrically released "Return to Witch Mountain" in 1978 and the made-for-television "Beyond Witch Mountain" in 1982. A made-for-tv remake starring Elisabeth Moss was released in 1995 titled "Disney's Escape to Witch Mountain," and then a theatrical remake came out called "Race to Witch Mountain" in 2009 starring Dwayne Johnson. 

Deadline reported that a "Witch Mountain" series was in development in March 2021, and Variety has not only confirmed that the show is officially a go at Disney+, but added that Bryce Dallas Howard is set to play Audrey in the modern reimagining of the source material. The plot follows two teens as they realize they have strange powers in a suburban community that isn't as normal as it appears. Howard's character, on the surface, looks like a normal devoted mom of one of the teens, but like the neighborhood, she also has some secrets of her own. 

The "Witch Mountain" series is one of many projects Disney+ has on the roster involving Bryce Dallas Howard. She has also lent her incredible voice acting skills to the Star Wars animated series "Tales of the Jedi" as Yaddle, and she will soon be directing another remake of a classic Disney-owned property with "The Flight of the Navigator."