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Bryce Dallas Howard To Direct This Long-Awaited Reboot For Disney

Bryce Dallas Howard is about to add a new project to her ever-growing schedule. Howard, daughter of Oscar-winning director Ron Howard, has recently entered the world of directing while maintaining a thriving career as a prominent actor. After directing a handful of shorts in the early 2010s (via IMDb), Howard went on to turn heads with her exciting work in the "Star Wars" universe. So far, she's helmed two episodes of the Emmy-nominated hit series "The Mandalorian": Season 1's "Chapter 4: The Sanctuary" and Season 2's "Chapter 11: The Heiress." The "Jurassic World" star is also set to direct one episode of the upcoming live-action show "The Book of Boba Fett," per her IMDb page.

Now, Howard is set to expand her working relationship with the House of Mouse after her successful run with the "Star Wars" franchise. In fact, she's coming aboard a hot new project for Disney's streaming outfit, Disney +. The movie in question will be a reboot of a nostalgic tale, and it will also serve as Howard's feature-length directorial debut. So, what's the name of the movie she's agreed to direct for the media empire? Big hint: if you were a kid in the 1980s, you probably saw and liked this one.

Bryce Dallas Howard will go sci-fi once more with a Flight of the Navigator reboot

Per Deadline, Bryce Dallas Howard is going to bring to life a reboot of Disney's sci-fi/fantasy flick, 1986's "Flight of the Navigator." She will direct the film for Disney+ and also co-produce it, according to the news outlet. Currently, there is no release date attached to this reboot, nor is there any word on casting or filming details. However, we know the new project will be live-action and female-led, which means we'll be following a young girl at the center of this story instead of a young boy.

The original "Flight of the Navigator" (via IMDb) focuses on David Freeman (Joey Cramer), who is injured during a July 4th celebration in 1978. Knocked unconscious, he awakens in the ravine where he fell and discovers the year is 1986 and finds a lot has changed. David has somehow managed to survive without any life support and hasn't aged a bit in the ensuing eight years. However, his family has aged, which thoroughly surprises David. The young boy has a hard time accepting this new reality but soon learns he's part of a greater destiny: his fate is connected to an alien ship named Max. David discovers he has a telepathic connection to Max, who continuously addresses him as "The Navigator." The 1986 feature co-stars Veronica Cartwright, Paul Reubens, and Sarah Jessica Parker.